Top Ten – (my birthday favourites)

So some of you may know i have recently just had my 22nd birthday and it was brilliant i was lucky enough to have a meal with my family and then a party with some of my amazing friends. Lots of you were asking about my make up and hair and some of the girly things i had done and what i use to get ready for my party so i thought i would share.. 

  1. firstly my tan – i did my tan on the thursday ready for the party friday, i started my exfoliating first and then applying it with a mit the tan i use is the st moriz medium but the spray not the mousse as i feel it spreads more evenly and leaves a more of a natural glow on me as i am rather pale! I always moisturise my elbows and knees before applying as these areas are very dry the tan then evenly covers those patches. The tan spray was £3.99 from savers! I washed the tan off 4 hoursbefore my party and it left a natural glow. 
  2. Facemasks – during the week probably the monday before i used two face maskes to help my skin become soft and smooth ready for the party i used – the tropical peel of by Montangne Jeunesse, it smells amazing! 
  3. I had my nails done at beautiful nails in Pen street Boston, i had a nail date with my mummy actually on the tursday my birthday i got pink nails and got my two ring fingers covered in glitter, the shape was almond and rather short they are super cute they cost me £18. 
  4. My highlighter is probably one of my favourite things about doing my make up at the moment i use Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit which my sister got me for Christmas is is just amazing!! I think this cost around £40. 
  5. For my concealer i use the Nars creamy concealer in Chantilly £22.50 and the go girl pro conceal £2.25 both fab see pictures below
  6. Now for my contour i use to use a creme kit i now prefer a powder and i use the Freedom contour palette just £10 from superdrug.  
  7. Kylie lip kit for my lips of course think it was colour Candy K. 
  8. Simple moisturiser my go to as always, and i apply this before my make up routine its £4.99
  9. I had a pair of amazing glitter shoes £10 and choker £2.50
  10. As as for my dress it was a princess dress a scuba pink from Asos i had to adjust the straps for my frame but i loved the puffiness and material! This was £35 bought by my mummy! See a picture below of model in it, it was super comfy, a little over the top  for a party more like a prom dress but do i care. Nope im a princess haha.  

My sister did my hair and my make up, i could not of done it anything like what i had, she is so amazing when it comes to things like this a super artist, i loved my princess hair and princess make up the princess look what i wanted was achieved woo! Thank you so much Kirya! 

I had a lovely time drinking prosecco and cocktails dancing to the band and my cheesy playlist, spending the night with my family, boyfriend and very best friends was super special, i thank anyone that came it meant the world and i wont forget it, and i thank all the people that got me presents far too kind!! 

Anyone thinking about having a birthday party do it! You wont regret its a fab night and everyone is super happy and excited for you!

Hope you enjoyed my top ten favourites thank you for reading and see you in the next post! 

                             Much love J x

Top Ten – (Blimey Braces, 3 months in)

Hello angels, many of you may know, that i have braces! Only recently have i had them put on though! I got them on the 25th of October and i got the fast brace mechanism one i had this placed on my top and bottom teeth.

So we are just over 3 months into the treatment and i wanted to let you know and update you on the progress as many of you have asked how it has been so my top ten today is facts on my personal experience with these braces. 

  1. My fangs i am unsure what the technical term for these teeth are know as im thinking incisors? Lived up inside my gums then have now moved down so so much; it feels amazing for my gums and i can tell the difference every day. 
  2. I got given gum and lips gel for when the hurt and rubbed against my gums but i used hardly any of this so far. The mouth adapts very well to them.
  3. Paracetamol and alcohol helps my aches that usually occur with the first week after tightening! The day i get it done which is usually a Saturday; that night when the pain begins i reach for my fave- prosecco. 
  4. After tightneing each time:- the pains wares off after 7 days each time they are tightened which is now every 3-5 weeks. 
  5. I have to mainly eat certain soft foods like, soup, ice-cream, pasta and mash potato; this is what is keeping me alive eating hard food and biting down can be too much sometimes. 
  6. After its tightened i can not bite down for like 3 days on food like, crisps, toast etc. 
  7. I have bands on certain teeth to now correct my bite. There are two types one for the night time and one for the day time but not all pateints need these bands it depends on your bite. 
  8. My teeth feel wobbly sometimes and weird!!! But i guess they are moving – Hope this wears off! 
  9. I use colgate and forever living toothpastes, i use a normal toothbrush not an electric one as it can break brackets. And i have some mini brushes for in between my brackets, I brush often say 3 times a day. 
  10. I drink everything through and straw and eat very slowly so i do not damage or stain my teeth, or break brakets. 

I am so very excited for changes and end result, wish me luck i still get nervous everytime i go. I have lots of pain during tightening when i go so i have to have 4 injections each time which means my whole jaw, lips and nose are numb for about 4 hours! Its crazy but it helps me get through the tightening treatment. Not every paitent experiences this but i have very strong teeth so its needed. 

The pictures below are now and when i very first got them done its only been 3 months so i am very excited. YAY!! I shall update you in months to come! 

Wish me look, any tips and tricks please comment! Message me for anymore info, Thanks for reading! 
                             Much Love J x