What is going in my suitcase? – Toiletries Edition

Morninggg and it’s a very happy one from me today, it’s only 6 days till I get on that plane back to my second home, Portugal baby we coming! 

Today I’m just doing a little haul on my bathroom products that I take with me cause 1) it’s cheaper to get them here 2) they are English products so I know them and I know they won’t affect my skin etc 3) some products are my favourites and I wouldn’t want to leave without them.. 

  1. My fave deodorants are Mitchum and Nivea spray I think the combination of the two is fab especially with getting extra warm and sweaty on holiday. My favourite micellar water is the P one from primark a bargain at £2 it has lasted me so long, it helps remove make up and it smells amazing. What essentials do you have to take!?
  2. My shower gel; this year I have treated myself to a mango and papaya one from imperial leather I wouldn’t usually but it was on offer at only 70p. It looks very summer and smells amazing too. 
  3. Now I usually buy my facewipes from savers or primark but I saw this bargain in Wilkinson’s and thought why not. Now don’t worry no baby here. But my boyfriend is allergic to most face wipes obviously wipes like Huggins etc are meant to be kind to babies skin so I thought my boyfriend and I can share these. I don’t usually take my make up off with a wile it’s just general wipes for hands and face and body through out the day like trips to the parks etc I think it’s always good to keep them handy this big packet was only 70p compared to the price of my face wipes this was a shock so I thought let’s give it a try. 
  4. My hair products – firstly my shampoo and conditioner I keep the two together a 2 in 1 to save the amount of bottles I take in my suitcase but also to save time in the shower this was only a £1 too! I have my Aussie spray which helps my hair detangle and smells amazing this is a leave in spray so it always helps condition through your the day this was £5. And then my Philip Kingsley swimcap – it’s not actually a swim cap it is a ahair mask as such which I can leave on my hair throughout the day on holiday to keep in conditioned and protection against the sea salt and chlorine. I think this was a gift but I think they are around £7. Which hair products do you use on holiday? 
  5. My sun creams – I do Isla Lou start of with a 30 factor as I am pale but I haven’t bought that one yet, then I move down to 15 and 10. I love this brand Calypso they are great yet cheap. The oil was £2 and the aftersun £3 they last me all two weeks holiday and the aftersun a little longer. I always keep topped up with cream as well as oil and this year I have gone for the ambre solaire 10 from garnier which was £2.99. These three would last me the holiday but I have to start of with a 30 sometimes 50 and work my way down. Fair haired and skin has this trouble haha. What lotions do you recommend? 

So it’s a short but sweet post today, hopefully you will see a couple from me before I venture of this Sunday. I will still be posting from abroad too. Any tips or tricks you have please leave a comment below.. 

                           much love J x

BST – British Summer Time Festival 

So a few weeks back at the start of July I went to British Summer Time Festival in London’s Hyde Park and it sure was amazing! I love a good festival, especially with my favourite music, drink and food and I can definitely recommend this event. 

Check my mini YouTube video out at https://youtu.be/umD_IsQcfao

Where? – Hyde Park London 🇬🇧 U.K. 

When? – this years dates range from something like the 30th June to the 9th of July acts on every afternoon and evening and there were some amazing line ups! 

Who? – so who was in the line ups? Who did I see, personally I saw –  Justin Bieber, Martin Garrix, Pixies, Anne – Marie and Kings of Leon were all brilliant. Other people performing were artist such as – Phil Collins, Green Day, Rancid, Justin Bieber, Naughty Boy, Anne Marie, Martin Garrix, Nina Nesbit, Kings of Leon, Pixies, Deaf Havana, Killers, Elbow, Tears for Fears, The Strypes, Take That, Olly Murs, Ella Eyre, Jamie Lawson, Nathan Sykes, Tom Petty, Mumford and Sons, Wolf Alice, and so many more!!

What? – there was so much to offer at the day festivals as well as great music from two stages there were so many eateries, places to drink and grab treats. The food was fab, little pricey but very good!

Why? – I got the chance to go and to go twice due to my boyfriend and one day to be mother in law they both got me tickets for Christmas so I could enjoy BST this year and I had no idea what to expect but I will deffo go again I loved it!!

How? – tickets can be sold online check BST and BarclayCard on Facebook and online for the quickest recent updates. 

My status from that week went like so – 

“I am so tired; but thank you so much to Joe Desmond and Shelley Desmoo for amazing Christmas presents! Justin Bieber, Martin Garrix, Pixies, Anne – Marie and especially Kings of Leon were all brilliant. I’ve done British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park twice this week and I hope to return next time, I’ve added many miles to my car, seen great acts, ate lots of street food, and spent time with lovely friends. Shoutout to Joe and Sarah Charlotte Drew for having me on their shoulders! I’ve met some strange and wonderful people who have put my faith back into humanity a little – their smiles and kindness, happy people brought together again by music, I’ve had some strangers tell me my feet are too small, asked if my eyes are real and told me I’m the cutest thing they have ever seen! What a fabulous and memorable time I have had. Thank you again 😎✌🏼😮💓😍🎡🎼”

Any questions leave me a comment. Hope you enjoyed this chatty post..

                              Much love J x

To help a friend…

Hello today’s blog post is to help a friend it’s aimed at this particular person but I thought maybe some other people some other ‘sufferers’ of this condition maybe interested in reading today’s post. 

So a breif background this person has been diagnosed this week with have several intolerances to food and after years of sufferening with terrible pains and IBS symptoms and troubles I am pleased they finally now know what is wrong. I’m no expert in this department but I do have some understanding and I’m always willing to help. Any questions or queries please leave a comment below or message me at gymchicks on Facebook. 

So the problem is; this particular person has an intolerance to cows milk, egg yolk and egg white so whole eggs, a particular grape, onion and yeast. This can be very very tricky when it comes to daily snacks as yeast is in most breads, it is the ingredient which makes bread rise so I can see a clear struggle at the first hurdle. 

So I have had a look into some yes foods and some no foods so this person can have a read through and the rest of you can also get a little understanding. 

The diet this person will have to focus on is based mainly around a paleo diet/ vegan diet. Taking many elements from these two to create their own diet – which is what we should all do not take it’s from this two stated above but take a whole look approach at every food and food group and really decide what works for us and what our bodies really want and need. I do believe everyone is intolerant to something mildly or severally whatever I believe everyone may have some reaction or symptoms to certain foods anyway back to client A. 

YES foods –

Meat – including chicken, red meat, veal, pork, duck, ham

Soups – make your own or read the label. 

Fish – prawns, tuna, salmon, 

Vegetables – all vegetable are safe for this case all salad is fine too. 

No fermentated vinegars or dressings always read the label. 

Bread (the tricky one for client A) – Rye bread is the substitute, along with soda bread apparently along with ryvitas, certain rice cakes (always read the label) and Irish soda bread?! Which sounds interesting. Spelt bread has also been known to have no yeast but of course it’s brands again so read the label but this maybe a good substitute. 

Fruit – is all fine apart from melon and grapes as we cannot specify which grape client A is allergic too. Any bruised fruit has been brought to my attention too if the fruit is bruised leave that piece or get another piece of fruit. Bruising must have something to do with the fermentation that occurs as fermentation contains yeast. 

Rice, potato and pasta – swap with vegetables. Client A can have brown rice but always read the packet to be extra careful with certain brands. Client A can also have potatos, and sweet potato. 

More YES foods..

Oats, cornmeal, hummus, nuts, apart from peanuts, popcorn, potato, beans, cous cous, flour tortillas, honey, corn, millet, squash and sweet potato.

I will no go into your NO foods client A of course you know these. I will just advise to always read the label on everything eating out pick the meal you think will be least affective on your troubles.

Once you have cleaned this diet up you will be able to reintroduce certain foods for sure. Your body maybe just in a state of yeast overload and once it has been rebalanced foods can be reintroduced in moderation, this can happen..
Ibs/ allergies and intolerances can have a huge affect on people and their day to day life, never judge people for what they are eating or how they are dealing with a food situation you don’t know their background behind it. 

A shop I have come across and recommend is  https://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk/cgi-local/frameset/diet/Y-Yeast_Free.html to help with yeast/dairy free products.
I hope this has helped you and I will continue to keep looking and researching more and more to help you client A. 

Here below are some pictures and some sites like some Instagrams I recommend looking at as you can get some real help and inspiration from these! 

See further down the pictures to see other available foods to check out online to fit your tricky new diet, don’t worry it will all fall into place eventually. Hope it has helped some others out there also. Message me for any more information. 
                           Much Love J x

ABC Foods

Hey world, today I am going to be doing a A to Z list of foods I eat personally and as a nutritionist recommend eating to help with a wholesome all round healthy lifestyle. 

(I will briefly explain why these foods are good and what is there main nutrient, and it is very brief see my other blog posts for more information on key macros and micros.)
So let’s begin..
• A 

Almonds (healthy fats, essential fats are needed)

Apple Cider Vinegar (helps with detoxing and te metabolism) 

AllBran (fibrous, helps digestive system)

• B

Bacon (no fat, grilled, this is protein)

Balsamic Vinegar (great non fatty dressing for salads)

Basil (add flavour to your food)

Beans (protein and fibre source)

Beetroot (micronutrient)

Blackberries & Blueberries (antioxidants, sugar great energy boost)

Bread (bread is not the enemy bread is carbs and is so needed see previous post on macros)

Brussels sprouts (micros)

• C

Cabbage (micronutrient)

Carrot (micronutrient)

Cashews healthy fats, essential fats are needed)

Cauliflower (micronutrient)

Celery (micro)

Cheese (fats and protein) 

Cherries (antioxidants and sugar)

Chia seeds (healthy fats, fuller for longer food)

Chicken (protein)

Chocolate (fat/carbs and sugars)

Coconut oil (healthy fats)

Cottage Cheese (protein and healthy fats)

Courgette (micros)

Cous Cous (carbs)

• D 

Dates (sugar/carbs)

• E 

Eggs (protein and healthy fats)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (healthy fats)

• F  

Fruits and dried fruit (sugar, quick energy boost)
• G


Goji berry (sugar)

Grapefruit (sugar)

Grapes (sugar)

• K

Kiwi (sugars)

Kindness (eat kindness so we can all learn to be kind to each other lol – see who spots this one. LY)

• L

Leeks (micros)

Lentils (micros, fibre and carbs)

Lettuce (micros)

Lemons and limes (sugars and antioxidants)

• M

Mackerel (protein)

Mango  (sugars)

Monkfish (protein)

Mushroom (micros)
• N

Nectarines (fruits) 

Nutmeg  (sugar)

Nuts  (fats and healthy fat) (many types of nuts too)

• O

Oatmeal  and Oats (carbohydrates- slow releasing energy)

Olive Oil – healthy fat oil healthy fats, essential fats are needed

Onion – micronutrient 

• P

Parsnip – root vegetable carbohydrate

Passionfruit – sugar/carbohydrate

Pasta – carbohydrate 

Peaches – sugar/carbohydrate

Pear – sugar/carbohydrate

Peas – carbohydrate and sugar

Pepper – micronutrient

Peppercorns – micronutrient and spice helps with the metabolism 

Potatoes – carbohydrate

• Q

Quark – protein source

Quinoa carbohydrate

• R

Raisin – sugar/carbohydrate

Raspberry – sugar/carbohydrate 

Red cabbage  – micro and carbohydrate

Rice – carbohydrate

Rocket – micro

• S

Salmon – protein 
Sausages  – protein/carbs and fats 

Sea Salt and Stocks and Stevia

Sugar snap peas – sugar/ carbohydrate

Sultanas carbohydrate and sugar

Sun dried tomatoes  – sugar and micro 

Sunflower Oil  – healthy fats, essential fats are needed)

Sunflower Seeds  healthy fats, essential fats are needed)

Swede  – carbohydrate

Sweet Potato – carbohydrate

Sweetcorn – micro

Swordfish – protein

• T

Tabasco  Tarragon  – spices and flavours

Tea – 

Tofu – protein

Tomato  – sugar and micro

Tuna and Turkey  – protein source/ healthy fats depending on source
• V


Walnut  healthy fats, essential fats are needed)

Watercress – micro

Watermelon – carbohydrate and sugars

• Y

Yoghurt – carbohydrate and sugar 

• Zucchini (basically courgette)- micro

There are also a lot more foods I love to enjoy but those are just a few.. So I hope this helps and gives you an idea on what to eat to keep on track, to keep included into your healthy lifestyle, please see other posts for more information as this post relates to them. 

Let me know what your favourite food is below and any recipes you recommend. 

                            Much love J x

Blimey Braces (9 months on) 

So many have requested an update on my teeth so here we have it.. July version 9 months on.
I have to say I think it’s crazy how it’s been 9 months with these on already, my dentist has now said I’m close to end so I’m waiting for my end date to be confirmed next month and then I can really get excited.

The past 3 months have been hard like the hardest with the braces, physically and emotionally the pain that occurs and the fact I am a very ‘teethy’ person like I smile a lot everyone can see my braces and I felt very conscious of the gaps and my brace and bands; but the difference is really fast and I’m happier each day with them. And this morning I did cry I actually felt happy with them. I shall remind you I got fastbraces on the 25th of October 2016.

So we are just into 9 months of the treatment and i wanted to let you know and update you on the progress as many of you have asked how it has been so another post on my experience with these braces.

My fangs I am unsure what the technical term for these teeth are know as im thinking incisors? Lived up inside my gums then have now moved down so so much; it feels amazing for my gums and i can tell the difference every day. This has progressed massively they are now completely in line with the other teeth and back slightly making them look small yay.
I don’t get rubbing anymore my mouth has adapted and I sometimes forget I have them on.

I have had lacing bands on which look weird and like they would hurt but they don’t and these have made a massive difference in aligning them all.

After tightneing each time:- the pains ware off after 3 days now rather than 7 days each time and they are tightened now every 5 weeks not 3.

I can now eat all foods bar tough crusts, sweet corn like corn on the cob or spinach as it’s just there for days in my brace haha.

I have elastic bands on certain teeth to now correct my bite. There are two types one for the night time and one for the day time but not all pateints need these bands it depends on your bite. These are a pain don’t look attractive but are essential. But I have them out roughly 5 hours a day the rest of the time they are in.

My teeth have started to feel wobbly again now. Yesterday I had my tooth front teeth dragged out my gums and yes it was bloody painful even with injections but I’m so happy with the result.

When looking in my mouth they are all so straight and lined up it looks amazing see pictures below.

I have some mini brushes for in between my brackets, i use these at night time only; I brush twice a day now I’m use to it.

I drink everything through and straw and eat very slowly so i do not damage or stain my teeth, or break brakets I still do this!!

I am so very excited for them to come off now, wish me luck i still get nervous everytime i go. I have lots of pain during tightening when i go so i have to have 4 injections each time which means my whole jaw, lips and nose are numb for about 4 hours! Its crazy but it helps me get through the tightening treatment. Not every paitent experiences this but i have very strong teeth so its needed.

I am predicted them of soon and can’t wait for my next appointment now in August.. so we shall see what is to come!
Wish me look, any tips and tricks please comment! Message me for anymore info, Thanks for reading!

Below are pictures of stages through my process and info which may help those who want fastbraces also.
Much Love J x

Before and now picture below from very start to today 13th July 2017. And we still have some way to go. Wish me luck. 💪🏼😘

Before – During –  Now –  Finished – pictures yet to come. ❤️

Personal Training for you?

Most of you will have seen a post like this before just advertising what I do and my business GYMCHICKS I’m just sending out another post to let you all know I now only have 2 available sessions left on a Thursday and then I’m fully booked so do you need personal training?

It is that time of year again, where everyone is wanting to get fit and healthy for summer; everyone is trying the gym and buying the ‘protein shakes’ ready for their ‘summer body’ but why is it a summer body why not a healthy body all year round a happy healthy you all the time? You can get this with me..

But yes I understand of course this is the time of year where everyone kicks into it and I embrace that.  But if you really are looking for something this year to kick start your butt then maybe im the right PT for you.

I am qualified in personal training and nutrition so i can work on your exercise and diet at the same time!
I can train you on a 1:1 basis on a Tuesday or a Thursday. (Thursday slots are only available now)

I can create schedules for you to take away with you and try at home in your gym all taloried to suit you, your lifestyle and goals. (This is very flexible for those who are busy and want to attend a local gym but don’t know wheat to do.)

I can do online training, which is if you dont have time to meet and train with me personally i can email you over training and diet sheets monthly created just for you. (This is very flexible for those who are busy and want to attend a local gym but don’t know wheat to do.)

Alongside the email and texting stystem i then text or email at anytime checking how the training or diet is going!

As well as all this you can call or text me at anytime for guidence and help. I can also send videos and pictures with diagrams to show you how to perform certain exercises and moves to your routine. 

I dont shout at people im not that type of trainer if your doing something wrong i shall tell you and advise but at the end of the day the decision to become healthier and fitter is down to you im there to guide. 

Some people like to visit me once a month and take training sheets with then to there own gym for the rest of the month so they teach themselves to train as i guide and correct them. 

Feel free to text or message me for a chat to see what would work for you. Always happy to help and advise! 

Thank you for reading; please share!

                    Much love to you all J x

Status Share

Hello guys. I wouldn’t usually do this but I believe as many people as possible need to here and see my status from yesterday and remember you are not alone. Do what you need to do. 

‘A year ago today my path did make a change and for the better! To those who are worried, to those who care or those who are just plain nosy; my life now feels fabulous! I have two brilliant jobs which I love, an amazing family that always pick me up, supportive friends who I know are there and I will see more, and of course my rock Joe. This past year I have become stronger and I do each day, I have grown more than I thought, and learnt so much. I have created my own path, I now know what I need and what I want and this gets better each day. If you are someone that is always thinking about something that you want to change or are unhappy with something then just do it, just change it. Life is so short and you never know how happy you could be. Don’t let others damage or control your path… you create your own!💫💪🏼💓’
Make your own happiness, thank you for all your support…

                              Much Love. J x