Brace life days on.. (the rubbish no one tells you)

So I am coming to the end of my fast brace treatment woooop I mean can I get a woop woop (I deserve it!)

Today’s post is on the rubbish that they don’t tell you while you are having treatment. Yes it’s great, it’s hard work but it’s great and as everyone reminds me it will all be worth it. But let’s face it we have to climb a pretty high mountain before you reach the top.

  1. Time some people are longer than others but it takes time, day in day out, something in your mouth, in your personal space it can be tough. Some people have them for a few months like my boyfriend had them for 11 months then a friend of mine had them for 9 years! It’s your teeth that choose and you have no control.
  2. That takes us into number two. You have no choose. Every ones teeth take time, take shape at a different time just like anything. So the waiting game is not much fun.
  3. Dribble now many of us dribble at night I mean, as we are sleeping away we wake up to the crispy shit stiuck to our pillow and faces now I know there are some out there that have that too well I am a ‘dribbler’ and once you have braces the dribble is never the same again. You wish it was! It turns into blood! Like pure blood I wake up looking like I’ve been attacked and have to wash my sheets so many times a week. Nightmare!
  4. Laughing and smiling is never th same. Catching your lips on your brackets every time you open your mouth, the mouth ulcers are real! The sores the brackets cause before your mouth adapts is sore! Smiling is just a pain as your lips don’t know what to do where to rest and you end up looking like a retarded frog. 🐸
  5. Brackets hurt so they give you wax. Which you have to rip up, roll into a ball and place on that particular bracket it is rubbish this is the same for all teeth wax it rolls up like a mouldy ball of fluff then last two seconds on your bracket relieving no pain. And then it just falls off. I literally used this once in these eleven months.
  6. Bumping into things. Ok so you bump into a door or you drop your phone on your face yes normally this is pretty painful and annoying anyway but when you have metal bars in your mouth it hurts an extra amount! I felt all my teeth shudder like your eating sour sweets.
  7. Collecting food in your teeth and brackets now this is particularly well known – when you eat just brush your teeth after everything; cause it sticks like glue. Your forever trying to pick it out or getting told you have a little something in your teeth. In the end I started covering my teeth with my lips and mouth after I ate all the time as I dreaded the idea of it all on show.
  8. Brushing and flossing. Well flossing is a no. Of course brushing is harder work than normal. You have to brush the teeth you can see then your brackets. Round them and then on top and then in and out with tiny little toothbrushes. It’s a longer brushing process but they need it.
  9. Bands twanging as you are applying. I hated this the most. During fast braces I had the day bands and night time ones one is a triangle shape the other is an inverted ‘w’ putting them on and stretching them over your bracket was tricky I was always catching my skin because of course they are elastic bands and they would ping wherever it makes me so angry at night time lol.
  10. And number ten is quite nice. The amount of compliments you actually receive from having braces is amazing.. I felt so self conscious at the start but everyone was so kind and complimentary that I got use to them. But I’m on the countdown now and they will soon be off.
  • Thanks again for reading another blog post!

Much love J

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You should go and love yourself…

As Justin Bieber said you should go and love yourself. And you so should, you don’t need no one else to love you. Just accept yourself…

So do you ask yourself most days why? Do you look in the mirror and hate yourself? Do you compare yourself to others all the time? And doubt your abilities and the way you look?

Well your not alone. Most people do.

Let’s go over self love tips as I think some people need to. This is just a simple recap of my post from a few weeks back please check out the blog post called –

Top tips – self love.

But yes here we have it in short.

  1. Eat nutritiously.
  2. Exercise lovingly.
  3. Take Some Time to Breathe.
  4. Sleep well.
  5. Define Beauty in yourself.
  6. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.
  7. Celebrate Your Wins.
  8. Become mindful.
  9. Practice good self-care.
  10. Have healthy social interactions.
  11. Love hard.
  12. Set boundaries.
  13. Protect yourself.
  14. Forgive yourself.
  15. Be selfish sometimes.
  16. Live intentionally.
  17. Identify qualities you admire.
  18. Smile everyday.

Hope these tips help you guys out. Always

love yourself for you..

Much Love J x

Let’s get organised..

So I have had many comments on how I stay so organised with two jobs, a blog, training, a busy family schedule and great social life let me tell you my tips and tricks for this..

I have posted about this before as one of my favourite things is to be organised. We all have super busy lives, sometimes there are not enough hours in a day, it can become stressful and you can think you never have down time, well here are a few things on how i help myself to keep organised through my busy days..

  1. Use your phone notes: i am always writing in my notes a to do list or something i forgot and need to do and i check it every few hours to remind me if i have forgotton anything.
  2. Reminder app; the app i use to have an app called, RxmindMe this reminder app has a notification unless i click off that i have done that job. Notifications annoy me so i find myself always getting those jobs done quickly. I now use ‘alarmed’ the icon is green and this is pretty much the same but more efficient.
  3. Calendar on your phone; so your calendar if you have an iphone the calendar is great, it can organise work and personal appointments and they are always placed in your front notification scheme letting you know how long it even takes to get there, so for my driving lessons, work and client PT appointments i always pop them in my calendar and swipe down in a morning to check with myself, what do i have on today?
  4. Calendar countdown app; the one i have is called reminder free the symbol is a small clock black and white sign – this app is amazing i love it is counts the days, hours and minutes to an event when counting down to a holiday or birthday this one is fab!
  5. Calendar paper version just incase you lose your phone and all the details on it keep a paper family calendar in the house. You and all the family will then be up to date. Any member can add to this.
  6. Diaries separate versions one for work and one for home and family life appointments etc then you will always feel like you can cope with the two separate parts of your life.
  7. Prepare things the day before such as meals, snack, lunches, clothes you plan to wear, equipment you need to take to work or on your trip the next day is then less stressful.
  8. Keep tidy, everything having its place means you can find things quickly and become less stressed.
  9. Keep as a daily routine and repeat this create structure for you and the family, encourage family to do the same then usually things arent forgotton as you are working as a team.
  10. All chip in you and your family are a team all should work together keeping there own things organised and helping others keep things tidy. Create a whole tidy and stress free household.
  11. And an extra one -Keep a white or black board with most important on, placed on the fridge somewhere it will always be seen. Then most important things will get done!

Hope this helps my busy, stressful, unorganised followers, let me know if it does! Thanks again for reading, following and sharing.

Much Love J x

Let’s get organised!

Training Abroad 

Hello again angels..

Hope your all well and enjoying your Summer.

As you know I’ve just recently got back from two weeks in Portugal where me and my family go every year and soak up all the sun we can get as the UK doesn’t often offers us much of that. We had an amazing time it gets better each time and it’s so very beautiful it truly is my second home I’ve been coming every year since 2006 so 11 years now and I adore the place.

As many of you may know I’m an athlete and love to train all day everyday day obviously I don’t do that and I don’t do that abroad either I like to chill relax and enjoy my holiday cause of course it’s my holiday but I couldn never stop training all together and training abroad warm weather training they call it has many benefits to an athletes body. I have written several blog posts before on warm weather training and training time you can see from this time last year but just to briefly remind you on what I do and the ket benefits I thought I would write a new one for this year.

hot, sweaty, tired but still got a smile..

This is so me.

Things I love about training abroad;

  1. Getting up early – (to not catch the heat that is to hot)- this is great early morning run great to start the day the mind and the motivation.
  2. No rain – no rain to stop me running outside i can just enjoy the fresh air
  3. Warm weather helps muscles – cold weather tightens muscle and can increase injury.
  4. Views – psychologically its great seeing the sea, cliffs, villas, sun and happy people its great to see when running – Helps the mind!
  5. Vitamin D – helps up your vitamin D levels for those running inside always, you will feel happier, the benefits are brill from running outside in the fresh air and bright sunshine.
  6. Air – the air in portugal feels very different when breathing in over there it can feel like hard work and running can feel very tough, but the benefits occur when you return home and go out running in our UK air it feels easier it feels like you can get more air in!? (strange i know but try it..)
  7. Cliffs/hills- the cliffs and hills are hard work while you are doing them but then when you return home to where i live the land is loads flatter, then the running feels easier this is becuase your body has adapted and you have got stronger.
  8. One thing i did have to make sure is that i drank loads and had my electrolyte tablets i didnt want to be dehydrated thankfully i only got cramp once on holiday so i’m chuffed with that. Haha considering it was two weeks lots of training, super hot and lots sweating. (Eww)
  9. Altitude – running at alititude has an affect on your cardiovascular system it does help you become stronger once your back in England and not running at altitude.
  10. So any athlete or runner reading my blog today i thoroughly reccomend a warm weather training break, for training, muscles, cardio, and as you have read so much more.
  • I love it and look forward to it so very much! thank you for reading guys…

Much Love J x

IAAF Atheltics World Champs

Well wow. How do I start? Let’s look at my status from that day..

“Had an amazing day at the Athletics and thank you Papa❤️Had an amazing time in an amazing atmosphere. Usain you are so loved. I adore you and your amazing personality ‘no hats of to Gatlin’ he is a cheat.. he always will be; once caught they should be banned for life.. not about the winning it’s just the fact I hate cheats so very much. Thank you Usain for all your entertainment, well done to KJT, LM, JJ and my friend Charlotte Taylor so proud to be British 🇬🇧💜⚡️✌🏼#amazingismyword #whataday

Check my mini YouTube video out at this link

So my day began with a train journey to London around 3pm from Peterborough to londons kings cross then we took another train to the Olympic park itself. Which has a massive shopping mall too which I didn’t realise.

We spent a lot of time walking. We looked at all the mini stores and shops within the athletics parks see pictures below. The whole atmosphere was amazing.

Surrounded by people that also love athletics and share the same passions is amazing.

The park was filled with so so many people. People were just everywhere. I bought some merchandise a iaaf t shirt and I entered a few competitions to win a chance to attend more athletics events. Let’s hope I win!

We then went into the stadium. The amount of people inside all stood and sat ready for the athletic was incredible. Such a sight to see. The track was clear but some of the field events had already began.

Once we sat down with some food the events began. He is a list of the vents in order – we went to the evening event which began at 7pm we had the heptathlon shot put then the 100 metres semi final, we had the men’s discus throw and the 1,500 metres for the women. At 8pm the men’s long jump began which was a very long event. And then we had the women’s 10,000 metres which is the event I do and I found very exciting. We then had the 200 metres for the women’s heptathlon and then the big one the 100 metres final for the men!! Which was just mental. The whole event finished at 10pm.

I shall not go into detail for each event but I will talk about some and some of the people that we got to see. So of course we saw the main man Usain Bolt. We saw Reece Prescod for GB and Justin Gatlin for the USA. We got to see Jessica Judd, Caster Semenya, Laura Muir, Laura Weightman, Sarah McDonald, Jenifer Simpson and Genzebe Dibaba. I got to watch my friend Charlotte Taylor who competed in the 10,000 metres. I trained with her at one point in my life and now she was living it up with all the famous athletes I was so proud and so jealous. She ran alongside Jess Martin and Beth Potter. But all eyes were on Almaz Ayana who won and actually lapped some! I also got to see my all time fave after Jessica Ennis of course Katrina Johnson Thompson’s compete in the 200 metres and the shot put for the heptathlon.

The whole event/day was awesome and I can’t wait for the next one. So many emotions run around me at these events. I did leave the stadium crying. I will briefly touch on this as some may disagree but I adore athletics the sport is my passion and I believe if you are caught cheating and using drugs that are banned; you should be disqualified for life. No going back.

Usain Bolt’s last ever race was here on this night. Justin Gatlin of the USA has been caught twice for drug use and competed too he beat Usain in this particular race. Now it’s not that Usain didn’t win that upset me it’s the fact he was beat by a cheat. And Usain is no cheat he is true to the sport.

It upsets me that Gatlin is allowed to race and it may come out again that he cheated on this night and thBolt will gain another medal which he should have got when I was there. Gatlin got many boo’s when I was there the crowd did not like him and yes it is rude and mean but he brought it upon himself for cheating. He created his own path. We shall have to wait and see but for me the true champion in is Usain Bolt and always will be.

Hope you have enjoyed my new blog post. Please leave views and comments below I would love to hear from you. Sorry but as I am now back at work full time there will be less blog posts to normal. Thanks for understanding!

Much Love J x