Dinky Drinks

So as i promised i would be doing reviews and looking into the Forever Living Aloe Vera products.
The second product i want to talk about is the Aloe Vera drinks there are several  aloe drinks, the main aloe vera drink is the thick gel, which lots of the purest form of aloe in, this is also available in the ‘on the go’ sachets which is like 1 and a half shots of the main aloe vera gel to take about with you and then there is the aloe energy drinks. 

As an athelte i need to keep up my hydration, and health of course from the inside to the outside.. These drinks vary with their health benefits, from helping bones, helping joints and muscles, helping digestion, helping gain energy and also detoxing. 

Name – Aloe Vera Gel drink tub

Size – 1 litre

Price – £21.62

Colour bottle – Yellow bottle and brown lid.  

What does this one do for me?

Forever aloe vera gel ideal for digestive aid, helping you from the inside. 

Name – Aloe Vera Gel energy drinks

Size – 250ml per can 

Price – £31.75 for 12. 

Colour bottle – red and silver cans, sugar and sugar free versions

What does this one do for me?

Blend of herbs and nutrients, high in vitimins B6 and B12 helping with reduction of tiredness and fatigue perfect for those tackling a day at work and then more work, or sport a great pic me up, sugar free versions available. 

Name – Aloe Vera Gel drink on the go sachets two versions. 

Size – 88.7ml per pouch 

Price – aloe 2 go – £68.88 for 30 pouches the freedom 2 go – £95.60 for 30 pouches. 

Colour bottle – White sachet for aloe2go and blue sachet for aloe freedom forever gel to go. 

What does this one do for me?

Aloe2go – basically the forever aloe vera gel that is in the litre tub that i spoke about first has been made into a sachet on the go form to take with you on your travels for an easy go to pick me up. 

Aloe2freedom – basically the freedom forever gel contains aloe gel with added glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM which can help your bones and joints. This can be bought in a litre form or these on the go sachets. 

These drinks are all a clear/yellow colour usually quite thick to drink, the energy drinks are more like pop. 

I have to honestly say i hate the taste! you only take a shot or two a day but its hard, i have to take it quickly alongside another drink. I dont even like the taste of the flavoured ones (orange/pomegranate) i have to be honest its so hard to swallow and can make me feel a little sick, the fact i know its doing me so good on the inside helps me get it down. I recommend that you always have a drink close by and refrigerate the drinks. 

I love the energy drinks they taste like monster energy drinks without all the calories so thats brill and i really felt a difference i was really alert and ready for my day. I would not personally drink energy drinks alot so i wouldnt buy these all the time and as for the gels i do think they are amazing and fully reccomend them and at one point in my life when maybe im a little tougher i would be willing to take a shot of it every day but for now the taste just overwhelms me to much!

Also another opnion – my boyfriend tried the drinks he said ” ”

Remember these are all my own opnions and reviews, you must research and try yourself, but i fully recommend this first product i have tried and im excited to try the rest.. trial one complete 

Thanks again for reading see you in trial three!
                          Much Love J x

Lovely Lotion

So as i promised i would be doing reviews and looking into the Forever Living Aloe Vera products.

The first product i want to tell you about is the Aloe Vera heat creme it sure is lovely lotion.. its now become a daily favourite along side my nivea moisturiser! As an athelte i use ice packs, ibuprofen gel and deep heat cremes for recovery and now i have this lotion i can really tell the difference! 

Name – Aloe Vera Heat Lotion

Size – 118ml

Price – £12.73

Colour bottle – Red label 

This lotion is a white, light, creme based product, you dont need to apply a lot which is great, but it contains warming agents (If anyone has tried deep heat they will understand what i mean with the burning sensation but it gets hotter and the aches fade away). and with the added aloe it releives you of stresses and strains, and can be applied before or after exercise, it can also be great for massages, and I recommend that you always use post shower or wash. 

I love this creme i love to use post and pre workout. I feel like this creme relieves pain immediately when im so achy it helps a lot, i like to apply an ice pack to my pains and then this lotion. The price is so good too for this product. You have to try the lotion to have the feeling and to really understand but honestly ive never tried a creme quite like it, i really do beleive in this one and will want to buy more for myself in the future. 

Also another opnion – my boyfriend tried the creme he said “I am honestly shocked. I have had such a tight back it has just relaxed my muscles in such a short time!”

Remember these are all my own opnions and reviews, you must research and try yourself, but i fully recommend this first product i have tried and im excited to try the rest.. trial one complete 

Thanks again for reading see you in trial two!

                          Much Love J x

Ahey Aloe! 

So some of you may already know this company some of you may not, but today i will be writing about the forever living products with aloe vera. Some of you may know a little about these already, or like myself only know a little about them but want to know more! 

I have recently been made more aware of these products and this company and i have been given products to trial and test and see if i like, to see if i would buy, and also to write about them and let you all know what they are about. 

I am excited to try them, i got quite a few items to try, this post is just a little introduction but expect more blog posts of my outcomes and my reviews on the products. I always write the truth what i truly think and what i truly beleive and if i believe in this product then i will tell you.

Just a note –  (i am not being paid for this, and im not selling. These are all my own opnions and views and i always suggest you should try and do your own test and research too)

So the products i have been given to try –

  1. Sample sachets of a mix of lotions and creams
  2. Aloe fluride free toothpaste
  3. Aloe lips – lip balm
  4. Freedom 2 go sachet
  5. Aloe to go sachet
  6. ARGI+ sachet x2 
  7. Bee pollen tablets
  8. Fab active boost energy drink
  9. Fab active energy drink – sugar free version
  10. Msm gel
  11. Heat lotion
  12. Aloe drink gel 1litre tub – daily shot drink. 
  13. 3 magazines and 2 brochures

So very excited to get started and to try all of these things, and review them all. Let me know if you have tried any of these or any other products.. let me know if you use or would like to try Forever Living Aloe Vera products. But for now see you in the outcome posts and let the trials begin! 
Thanks again for reading and have a     happy, healthy day 

                              much love J x

More Make-Up

New buys this Autumn so far..

lots of people have seen on my Snapchat and Instagram my new buys this Autumn so far, so for those asking about them.. here they are;

  1. Mac Lip Liner – colour cherry
  2. Mac Matte Lip Gloss – colour high drama 
  3. Anatasia Beverly Hills foundation – colour 1.0
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hill 2 in 1 brow brush and pencil – colour soft brown
  5. Anastasia Beverly Hill MoonChild Glow Kit Pallete
  6. Anastasia Beverly Hill Matte Lipgloss – colour dainty
  7. Benefit Pore Professional – 22ml
  8. Mac Lipstick – colour kushikiss
  9. ANEW moisturiser to wear underneath my primer, a light moisturiser that sinks in well. 
  10. ANEW eye cream also to wear underneath my primer, a light moisturiser that sinks in well, sets a good primer base for my eyeshadow too!

Thanks for reading my new buys for this Autumn check out the pictures below, i spent quite a bit of money in total on myself this month and on make up lately as i am learning and treating myself (why not?) But so far i think all these products are worth it and im happy with them, so have a shop around and try some out, Christmas is coming remember, will some be on your Christmas list? 

                             Mum love J x

Firework Frenzy 

why do we have fire work and bonfire night? for those that don’t know we have this celebration in th UK as – Bonfire Night is always celebrated on November 5 and is marked with fireworks across the UK. many like myself will remember this and the date with the rhyme: “Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder treason and plot. “I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.” 5th of November marks the anniversary of the failed 1605 Gunpowder Plot. and now Traditionally, large bonfires are lit and fireworks are set off to celebrate the plot failing.
On Saturday 5th November as always my family have a tradition of doing our own mini firework night. since me and my sister are very young we didn’t like the big fireworks the noises and the big bangs so we wouldn’t go to the big displays that were put on, mum and dad would create a mini one with small cute, not so noisy fire works and not a massive raging fire just a small fire in the back garden.. this has continued for some many years my sister and i are now 17 and 21 and we still love it so very much.
Papa does the fire works we usually buy a massive box a big selection this year we spent 50 pounds the box was huge and they were fab they were from the range so nothing majorly special but they were very pretty some bangs and some whistlers but overall a great box, selection and mix of fireworks. we had half before food and has after. Mama did the food, we had sausages and rolls so hotdogs, with ketchup we had tomato soup in a mug keeping our hands warm too, and we had a few fizzy drinks. We had the chimney on burning away, a toasty fire keeping up warm while we watched, we had some music on and then my sister melted a few marshmallows on the fire once we had finished the fireworks we are went in and had cups of tea, hot chocolate and cakes, we then watched a dilm in the warm with blankets.
i don’t like being out all night for firework night, standing in the cold having it at home makes it so much more comfortable and enjoyable and it make its a super cute celebration for our small family.
if you fancy doing your at home firework night what i think you will need for the perfect night would be –

  1. fireworks, a box a mix, selection package for the entertainment.
  2. sparklers always fun for everyone
  3. small log burner, chimney fire, to keep warm
  4. chairs to sit round to watch and keep warm, always move chairs back away from the fireworks
  5. old clothes, the fire makes your clothes smell
  6. wrap up warm, hat, gloves, coat and scarf
  7. sausages and hot dog rolls
  8. drinks and glasses
  9. mugs and soup
  10. sweets and marshmallows and sticks to roast them on.
  11. music to play in the back ground
  12. torch and matches to help find and light fireworks
  13. gloves on to protect hands from fireworks
  14. family and friends to enjoy them with you
  15. and if you have any pets outdoor like rabbits be sure to put them away, put them inside or in a agar rage away from the fire works, some animals get very scared.

AND – be safe but also have a great time!

‘happy bonfire and firework night, remember remember the 5th of November..’
                            much love J x


what does this mean?

a PT is a Personal Trainer.

who is a PT?
i am, (a qualified PT at Level 3) but you can find a PT at many gyms at colleges away or online.
what do you do?

as a PT i am there to help instruct someone, show someone and teach someone during a gym session. these sessions are usually 1 to 1 based, in usually a private area or studio, sometimes a gym, and it is one to one support and guidance during training. a PT should advise the best way to train, be safe in the gym, and teach the correct ways in order to learn and then for the client to repeat themselves. i am also diet and nutrition qualified so this means i give advice on diet and nutrition throughout my sessions too.
where do you do it?

i personally work in my mums private studio based at our house, so its rather easy to get to work, my mother is level 4 qualified PT and also a nutritionist. she has her clients in at certain times and i have them at other times, we share this space. which is filled with lots of gym equipment, machines, weights, motivational pictures, banners and quotes.
how do you do it?

there are many personal training course you an take at local colleges and online google it and see what is best for you always make sure you do your own research you can do level 2 and level 3.
do i enjoy it?

OH YES! i sure do it makes me very happy doing it myself and making others happy i really do enjoy it. i don’t regret a thing and am hoping for so much more out of this career in the near future, read my career post and gymchicks post for more information and background on this part of my life.

thank you for reading guys, any more information you need email me at jaydyne11@hotmail.co.uk
                             much love J x