Top Ten – (Drinking Days)

So its New Years Eve ‘Eve’ and lots of us will be partying away today, tomorrow, the day after and plenty more nights over this festive season. 

We all like to drink lots, eat lots and celebrate, and thats the holidays and thats ok!
Anyway todays Top Ten tricks and tips is on drinking, things to to do and to tackle the ‘over done it’ feeling from the celebrations or even the average weekend! 

  1. on the night you drink, drink a litre of water before you go to sleep and then.. this helps the hangover, And again the next day again.. drink lots of water! – your dehydrated! It helps the headaches. 
  2. Choose drinks wisely certain drinks contain more of a alcohol percentage higher the percentage, the more drunk you will get and usually the more hungover too. 
  3. take paracetamol the next morning or alksalters these help with the groggy headache feel. 
  4. eat lots of nutritious for not McDonalds! You might crave that but your body doesnt want that, it needs vegetables and lots of carbs!!! So a Sunday roast you ask? yes! your body needs it my friend..
  5. do some exercise, just a little bit, go for a walk get fresh air helps mind and body and again that head with a hangover.
  6. take a multivitamin and detox with a green tea, flush out the alcohol toxins remember it is a poison. 
  7. eat lots of nutritious food the next day, your body will crave salt so fix the craving with some nuts and  each whole nutritious foods to keep you full and help get rid of the risk of binging on not so great food. 
  8. sleep lots, you won’t sleep properly the night of drinking alcohol it keeps you awake or not in a deep sleep, so the next night get to bed early and sleep lots!
  9. to help prevent a hangover the next day eat a proper full wholesome nutritious meal before you go out full of carbs, protein and fats, this helps a massive amount. 
  10. dont guzzle or drink your alcohol quick, try to drink from the glass not a straw, qith a straw you drink quicker and consume the bubbles creating a more drunk you. 

But most of all enjoy it all! 

Weekends are to be enjoyed and so is Christmas and New Year and if you enjoy a drink or 5 have fun and drink safely. 

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                        Much love J x

Golly, Great Giveaway!

Right now for some exciting news, now i am reaching a lot more followers, I am going to be doing my first ever Giveaway! 
Why are you doing it?

Im doing this giveaway to spread the word, i want people to hear a about and view my blog, i want people to smile and learn from my blog i want to help anyone and everyone and by my followers sharing my blog to enter the giveaway i can hopefully reach out and help more of my audience! 

What is a giveaway?
A giveaway is simply me creating a big goody bag for one lucky follower to win! The goody bag will be filled with food, books, and vouchers. This particular giveaway is along the health and fitness theme as of course you know i am a health blogger and its my first giveaway, but hopefully there will be more to come im thinking of a beauty product giveaway next time?! How does that sound!?

What is in it? 

Products in the giveaway: –

  1. Joe Wick’s Clean 10? book – to give your extra ideas.
  2. HIGH5 water bottle – to refill and keep hydrated.
  3. Chai Tea sachets – tea to help detox.
  4. Metacalfs Popcorn – sweet, healthy treat.
  5. IsoGel – isotonic drink for replacing lost engery during exertion.
  6. Pasta sachets and noodle sachet – healthy carbohydrates.
  7. 70% cocoa dark chocolate – sweet treats – healthy fats.
  8. Trek bar – tatsty treat, full of protein, carbs and healthy fats.
  9. Naked – raw fruit and nut bar, healthy nuts and sugar.
  10. FlavIt spices – piri piri and bbq spices to add to meat to make your protein tasty.
  11. BPI Whey Powder – chocolate flavoured protein to drink.
  12. WheyBox sachets – Protein source, x 3 sachets of different flavours.
  13. Hartleys Sugar Free Jelly – healthy sugar free sweet treat.
  14. NutFactory – nut mix – healthy fats and protein.
  15. And of course a voucher for a free session with me as your personal trainer for you to use in the new year!!

How can i enter?

The rules to enter. The opening date is the 27th of December and the winner will be announced on 1st January 2017.

So you have a few days to get sharing, reading and subscribing. 
You will need to 

  1. Like and Share this picture post. 

Once you have completed these two rules your name will be placed in a hat and on the 1st it shall be pulled out at random to see who wins my first ever giveaway. 

I will reshare this post lots and then you can all get sharing and liking, help me reach out to more people while in the chance to win a giveaway worth over £55. 

Thank you for all your support and following! 

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Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas to you all from #gymchickrun

Hope you all have an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year. I wish you all the very best for 2017.  There will be more posts over the Christmas period, I just   wanted to thank my blog followers and subscribers for reading my posts, sharing and all the encouragement.

There is plenty more to come for gymchickrun which I am very excited about.

Enjoy this time with family and friends, be grateful and appreciate what you have as others aren’t so lucky. Remember the true meaning of Christmas and share the love.

Have a fantastic festive period. Please comment below more posts you would like to see or any videos for youtube you would like me to create and see you in the next posts.

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Thanks again for reading, Merry Chrimbo

much love to my loyal followers

J x

Little Laughs

Here is a little post for you to have a little laugh today.. i will be writing about and from, an amazing book which i received from my grandparents as a present for Christmas last year.
I just have to share it with you now its very funny if your a runner like myself, so have a read and laugh through the list of things that if you are a runner.. you will totally understand! 
There are lots of these books and they are by Richard McChesney and Illustrated by Brighty and Brock and they are brilliant you should definitely check them out online. 

  1. You know your a runner when your family vacation is planned around your next big race. 
  2. You know your a runner when you have your running gear handy ‘just in case’ 
  3. You know your a runner when you think the solution to all the worlds problems is to “go for a run”..
  4. You know your a runner when you get excited about shoe shopping in a sports store. 
  5. You know your a runner when you cant tell the difference between your chest and your back.. (boobs, shoulder blades or pecks?)
  6. You know your a runner when you cant bare to part with your our favourite running t-shirt…
  7. You know your a runner when a banana is no longer a banana. carbs/protein/fats/yummy bit/cals – whats in it?!
  8. You know your a runner when 3 courses just are not enough. 
  9. You know your a runner when you exit the woods on a long run and need to ask what town you are in..
  10. You know your a runner when you cant attend church because sunday is ‘long run day’
  11. You know your a runner when your family and friends pretend to understand but really think your mad. 
  12. You know your a runner when your ribs can be counted without the need for an x-ray. 
  13. You know your a runner when your closet is over flowing with running shoes, new and old..
  14. You know your a runner when you have fogotton how to put on a bra with hooks. 
  15. You know your a runner when the doctor falls asleep during the stress test.
  16. You know your a runner when your worst dreams are arriving late for a race or forgetting your running shoes. 
  17. You know your a runner when rest day makes you agitated. 
  18. You know your a runner when you can happily eat pasta three times a day. 
  19. You know your a runner when you get an invitation to a wedding and automatically think about what race the date will conflict with. 
  20. You know your a runner when you spruce up for a big race rather than a big date..
  21. You know your a runner when your running clothes double as PJs for a speedy getaway in the morning. 
  22. You know your a runner when you can’t quite remember their name but you can remember their high school mile time. 
  23. You know your a runner when people repeatedly ask if you are unwell. 
  24. You know your a runner when you ask to be dropped off half way home from a party so that you can run the rest of the way. 
  25. My own would be – You know your a runner when you plan the miles ahead for the week and caculate them up for your milage chart. 
  26.  – You know your a runner when you plan your work life and parties around training. It comes first.
  27.  – You know your a runner when you have the urge to eat everything!
  28. Hope this has made you runners giggle dont forget to check out these books! 

Thank you for reading, have a great Christmas! 
                          Much love J x

Terrific Toothpaste 

So as I promised I would be doing reviews and looking into the Forever Living Aloe Vera products.

The next product I want to tell you about is the Toothpaste! The cool, green minty gel can be used to make your teeth strong, healthy and white!

The toothpaste contains no fluoride, its very gentle and smells amazing. It contains aloe vera and bee propolis. It is also suitable for vegetarians.
Name – Forever bright tooth gel

Size – 130g

Price – £5.98

Colour bottle – Green 

The gel is a green, quite a thick based product, you dont need to apply a lot which is great, it has a cool temperature, and a minty taste to it. I have braces and when they get tightened my mouth can be very sensitive and sore, i feel like this tooth gel relieves some of the pain in my gums which is an added bonus!

Another opinion on this toothpaste is from my sister Kirya Overton she tried the toothpaste too she said, – “it makes your mouth feel fresh, and the paste itself feels natural as if its good for your teeth, its a very smooth texture but i have to be honest i am not keen on the after feel it leaves on my teeth”.

Remember these are all our own opinions and reviews, you must research and try these items yourself, but i fully recommend this product and will use it again in the future.  

Thanks again for reading and see you in the next trial!

                          Much Love J x

Fab Food -Food/Product Review

So you voted for food/product review so here it is, a fab food product I recently tried. Some of you may already know this company but today i will be writing about the skinny bakery company they are the healthier versions of what some people might call ‘treat products’ that we already enjoy. Some of you may know a little about these already, or like myself i only know a little about them too but i want to know more! 

I have recently been made more aware of these products and this company online and i bought these products below myself to try out. I wanted to trial and test them and see if i liked them myself and to see if i would buy again and also to write about them and let you all know what they are really about. 

I was very excited to try them who isnt excited to eat? i got a couple of different items to try, as i have said before in previous posts, I always write the truth and what i truly think and what i truly believe and if i truly believe in this product then i would tell you.

So the products i bought to try were  –

  • Chocolate chip cookie bags x1
  • Gingerbread men bags x2
  • Chocolate cake meringues boxes x2

I didnt want to buy lots to begin with as i didnt know what to expect. i wanted to try a first  batch and this cost me £15 total with delivery, so the price wasnt too bad as I received two packs of 3 gingerbread men, bag of cookies and 2 pots if chocolate merigues. 

  1. So firstly the cookies; they were great! Real chocolate chips, the cookie itself was harder than i expected i like soft, squidgy cookies you see, but overall they tasted greati added  them to the new ‘lick’ ice cream and tasted great mashed up! For the whole bag of cookies which was about 4 biscuits there was around 120 calories and the macronutrients were great. 
  2. Secondly the gingerbread men; it was pure ginger! It really was like eating pure ginger and i loved it! I love ginger anyway so these were so yummy, three small men in a packet ready to go i took them to work as a snack! For the whole bag of gingerbread men which was 3 men there was around 110 calories and the macronutrients were great also, very low in fat. 
  3. And finally the chocolate meringues which  were my very favourite like the ginger bread men the ginger was very prominent like in these meringues you can taste the cocoa, so its more of a clear crisp cocoa taste rather than a milk chocolate oily taste. Which to me is better.   the texture was a little more gooier than a cake and melted in the microwave with ice cream well that was just wow! My favourite and i sure will by again! For the whole pot of meringues which was about 5 meringues there was around 160 calories and the macronutrients were great too very impressed. Comment below if you are interested in full macro list. 

As far as trying them again i definitely would and i would totally recommend!! I really enjoyed these and even the chocolate meringues made me feel sick at one point they were very sickly so you get that real chocolate fix.

I think next time i would re-order the same and some extra of some of their other products to try them too. Check them out online and try some of there new range, if you have already tried them leave a comment below; would love to hear your thoughts! 

Thank you for reading and if you fancy a taste of these treats head over to there website or Instagram! 

Thank you for reading. Please remember these are all my own opinions, make sure you do your own research and taste tests! 
                        Much love J x

Top Ten – (Travelling Tricks)

So its coming up to Christmas and coming to the time where lots of you will be traveling all over, so todays top ten is tips and tricks for when you are out and about! those handy little hacks that make all the difference to your long journeys and travel plans!

  1. keep a folder – now your look a little bit anal when you pull out all your details, documents, barring passes and passports out of one folder, but I’m telling you it help, keeping everything together, all organised in the “holiday folder” will make life less stressful and quicker when travelling.
  2. roll your clothes rather than fold – if your only taking hand luggage the this tip is great, its best to roll the clothes to decrease the space they take up meaning more spaces for more shoes or in my case SHOES!
  3. keeping things tight and together – one thing i did during my last trip was roll my pants and socks up inside my shoes, then place my shoes (the ballet pumps) inside my shower cap, this is then three items that take up the same amount of space as just one of them.
  4. take an extension lead/ power strip – one i always forget! you may not have many travelling plugs but if you have the one and an extension lead with an additional five plug sockets then you away, saving your phone battery and probably a lot of your families phones too.
  5. when you can’t take all your make up take a swab of it – take cue tips and brush on eyeshadow on to each side of a few and place into a sandwich bag, when travelling this keeps it in tac and then when you apply the colour it comes off in just the right amount you need.
  6. if you have a medicine container or divider box then these are great for holding jewellery – great for earrings, rings and necklaces so they don’t get all mixed up or lost.
  7. grips and ear phones – use hair grips/clips to hold those annoying long earphone wires that always wrap up and get tangled up.
  8. hair slides – use a medicine pill container/ glass pot/ or TIC TAC box for those grips that always get lost keep them together and organised in a pot.
  9. order free samples to try online – this way you can try the free toothpaste the tiny version sample they got you and use that for your holiday save taking the big pot of toothpaste.
  10. take small sample sachets of food/protein/PB to add to food and snack on along the trip.

OOO BONUS – Extra Hack! – on your spotify app, when at home download your music to the offline mode, then when you are on the plane on flight mode with no wifi you can still play the music!

thank you for reading and hope this has helped, let me know any of your favourite tips below in the comments..
                        much love J x

Gorgeous Gel

So as i promised i would be doing reviews and looking into the Forever Living Aloe Vera products.

The next product i want to tell you about is the Aloe Vera MSM gel. The cool, thick gel can be applied to any aches and pains and ive tried cuts too! To help soothe pain. i have also tried it on my pets; my guinea pig had a cut and it helped loads healing it quickly. 

As an athelte i use many things like ibuprofen gels and cremes for recovery and now i have this gel, like the lotion, i can really tell the difference. I tend to blend the gel and lotion together and apply on aches and pains. 

Name – MSM gel
Size – 118ml
Price – £19.53
Colour bottle – Grey label 

The gel is a clear, quite a thick based product, you dont need to apply a lot which is great, it has a cool temperature to it, it has of course added aloe which helps relieve you of stresses and strains on your bones and joints, and can be applied before or after exercise, it can also be great for massages. 

I love this gel i love to use post and pre workout. I feel like this gel relieves pain immediately when im so achy it helps a lot, The price is more than i thought it would be for this product i was probably expecting around £13 like the heat lotion. And if i had to choose one to help my aches i would choose the heat lotion over the gel. You have to try the gel to understand and to see if it helps you. 

Remember these are all my own opnions and reviews, you must research and try yourself, but i fully recommend this second product i have tried and im excited to try the rest.. trial two complete 
Thanks again for reading see you in trial three!
                          Much Love J x