Let’s talk Booty..

So this post has been requested so I got right too it.. any other requests comment below..

all about dat booty, bum, buttocks, ass, junk, trunk, bootylicious let’s talk booty; so you want gorgeous buttocks!?

I have a major tip for you! Resistance Bands!

  • What is a resistance band? A resistance band is an elastic band used for strength training, it can also be used for rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
  • The elastic bands can also be referred to as banded work, glute bands and resistance bands. they come is different strengths so some are harder to work with that others the idea is that you use these to pull certain body parts away from others or away from gravity and depending on which type of strength band you have affects the difficulty level.
  • For example at Gymchicks  i have a red band, a green, a grey and a black. The easiest to use is the red then green then grey and then the black is the strongest it is the thickest material and hardest to use. see pictures below.
  • Who can use these?
    anyone and everyone, they are used for so many ranges of exercises that the finest of the fittest people can use them and feel the benefits and then as they range in strength they can be used for disabled people going through rehabilitation with not the greatest strength in them.
  • When can they be used?
    they can be used as part of your normal workout routine or rehabilitation routine they are so easy to be used at home and in the gym, easy to travel with you and easy to buy i bought the set of 3 below on eBay for just 6 pounds.
  • Why should we use them?
    many of you can use these for mini strength activities instead of using heaving weights and also just to add variety to your workout. I like to use my band for my booty gains haha, well i love a variety of butt workouts, i love the barbells and dumbbells but i like to use the bands for tension work. any one heard of glute activation?
  • Well its basically a warm up for your butt muscles, it creates tension in the butt which you then work on creating a hard workout and the jelly leg feel, after i have used these i always feel like i have had a good workout, i do get DOMS which i love (delayed onset muscle soreness) knowing i have worked my ass of literally! but knowing i have got my butt muscle fired up creating a lovely booty workout using the bands, i keep the bands in my workout routines a lot, the main things i like to do are crab walks with these, bridges, squats and pulses all with these bands. i know this is very hard to take in when your not sure about those types of movements and activities so i will do another blog post on these moves and more and how to train the booty very soon. But leave any major questions below please..

hope you found this post interesting and informative and hope your looking forward to the next booty post!
much love Jx

Primark Haul

Primark Princess here; yes I love a good spending spree in Primark the stuff keeps getting better and better each time I go I think too!

– so I don’t know if many of you now but I use to have acrylics all the time I loved them but then they started hurting my nails and damaging my nail beds so now I just use these sticks on ones for special occasions I’ve had so many beautiful sets, matt, velvet, glitter monochrome and they are all either £1 or £2 it’s amazing. The ones I got recently are the glitter silver set. – glue of course to put the nails on.. these were only 60p for 2!

– next a hair clip I love these big chunk easy clips I always wear them when I can’t be bothered to do my hair for £1.59 it’s a bargain too and this shiny gold is a beaut colour. -£2 bargain here, these are ready for when I move house but hangers. I love hangers I don’t like anything being on the floor I got them in silver so they will match anything. They hang over the top of the doors and you can hang coats, towels and whatever you need to on them and the door still closes! Love them.

– well this is my favourite buy probably of all time. I love velvet but oh my gosh the peep toe boot heels are amazing. Whatever the price I would have got them but as my feet are super tiny and all my sizes are always left I can get them for cheap and this time for bloody £3!! Still can’t get over this bargain! Primark reduction at its best. – ok I’m not a massive make up girl/queen I barely know what I’m doing but I sure know I like to apply my make up with these blenders sponges they make the make up look so much nicer. I got two for £1.50. I chose these colours too so I can see the make up in them and know when they need a clean rather than a clear pale or skin like colour and just let the dirt or make up build up. Below that are some face gems which I am planning to use at Halloween on my face unsure when or if I’m having a Halloween party etc but I loved them.

– here we have 3 beautiful chokers for 50p what a bargain the pink one again is velvet and the denim thick one is probably my favourite. – ok so I’m pretty obsessed with velvet products at the moment: I got these three hair bands for £1.59. They are so cute colours and super soft. I also got a new hair brush for a £1 as my old one was starting to die off. – items for my new house 50p for ear cleaners lol and £3 for a clear storage unit to go in my new bathroom. This does get me excited. – next my £1.50 shower cap which is water proof on one side and fluffy warm and cosy on the hair side. Bright pink and it’s gorgeous.

– Tampax compact perl; now my girls know how expensive these are but 90p in Primark! Buzzing. Hate being a girl but these prices make it better.

– And the full look lashes. Most of the time these lashes don’t really suit me but I thought I would try again this weekend with the full look set for a £1 it’s worth a try!!

Thank you for reading my different and unusual post today let me know if you like these items and any of your latest bargains from Primark or any shops!

Much Love J x

My Top Local Restaurants

Hello angels, I was planning on doing a top ten or even top five of my favourite restaurants in Boston but they are just not that great. Really I only choose to eat in these 4 places locally otherwise I travel out, but I am planning on trying the local Thai and Mexican these next coming holidays I have off work. So at the moment as it stands these are my four favourite places to go. Some posher and more up market than others and others are just my favourite places to go for good food in a warm welcoming pub like place.

1. The Ropers Arms –The roper arms is a beautiful little Italian. The owner is wonderful, friendly and welcoming. He takes great care of his customers; and now well we class him as a friend. The food is all homemade, and uses local fresh produce. The food is always amazing we have been many times and it has never let us down. The restaurant itself is quirky, with an Italian feel. It’s warm and small. And one thing I love is you get your table for the evening rather than in and out really quick. The waiting list is very long so I always recommend phoning us to book.


Open 6 till 10pm. Horncastle Road Boston.

01205 629538

2. Goodbarns Yard; perfect pub grub! The menu is amazing. So much to choose from. All homemade, place to eat indoors and out. Bar snacks as well as main meals. Pub environment and restaurant area, friendly welcoming staff. Booking over the phone is recommended. Evening and lunch time meals. A great thing about this place is that when it is your birthday and you take proof of this such as your passport or driving license you get your meal and a pudding for free! Which is always great – free good food!

Wormgate Boston 01205355717

3. Italian Connection – yes another Italian I know but I love Italian food. This restaurant is based down west street in Boston, very friendly and welcoming, usually very busy. The meal are big and filling, loys to choose from and many say this is the best place in town for proper steak. The restaurant itself is quite small and echoey. It’s warm unless your by the door, it can get very loud in there due to being busy and echoey. I always recommend phoning us to book.

4. The Black Bull Inn Kirton – the same owners as the Goodbarns so this is probably why I love this places also. And it’s my local, so it’s easy to get too! So again perfect pub grub, fresh and homemade. The menu is different at lunch and in the evening. Places to eat indoors and out. Bar snacks as well as main meals. Pub environment rather than restaurant, restaurant areas smaller than most places, friendly welcoming staff who see us so often they are now our friends. Booking in the evening is needed more than at lunchtime. Evening and lunch time meals. TV and pool table, event such as the annual black bull BBQ occurs here.

So these are my top 4, thought I would do this post today on my lunch break as I’m feeling very hungry and want to spend all my money on food haha.

Let me know of your favourite places to eat around this area. Thanks for reading.

Much Love J x

Q and A #2 #RandomQuestionsIGot

So I received some pretty random questions last time I did a Q and A. I left the random ones out to do a serious one and now I’m answering the little more intriguing questions at, why people would want to know these things I don’t know haha. But here we have it. Happy Friday by the way people. Any more questions you have leave them below..

• Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? I don’t have any doors on them! They fell off, I need a new wardrobe Haha! But I am moving house so I will wait now for my fixed glamorous wardrobes.

• Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? Of course! I believe I have paid for them, they are part of my stay, I deserve them don’t I?

• Have you ever stolen a street sign? No? Why would I? I don’t need one? Haha.

• Do you cut out coupons and then never use them? Yes. Though sometimes I remember I do and then I feel really good cause I use them and saved myself money etc.

• Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees? Big bear! I would try and fight it… the idea of bee’s makes me feel ill!

• Do you always smile for pictures? Yes. Everyone loves a smile. And now my teeth have been done for sure!

• Do you ever count your steps when you walk? When I am bored or my mind wonders I sometimes start counting my steps especially when I run.

• Have you ever peed in the woods? Yes.

• Do you still watch cartoons? No.

• Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some? Not telling you. My treasure is there!

• What do you drink with dinner? Pop. Fizzy Pop is my favorite.

• What do you dip a chicken nugget in? Ketchup always and forever.

• What movies could you watch over and over and still love? The Notebook. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter.

• Were you ever a girl scout? I was.

• Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine? No. Never that confident.

• Can you change the oil on your car? I have no car. I don’t drive. So probably not.

• Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? Again I have no car, I do not drive so no.

• Afraid of heights? No

• Do you sing in the car? All the time. I love singing on car journeys.

• Is Christmas stressful? Yes. Sorting presents. But again no as I don’t have much to do compared to my mother so no.

• Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? Teacher, Personal Trainer and shop keeper. I now do two of them.

• Do you believe in ghosts? Yes, spirits.

• The first concert you ever went to. Does the Jellikins count? Haha I think this was either Scouting for Girls or Tinie Tempah

• ASDA or TESCO? Tough decision I love shopping trips! ASDA wins I think.

• Nike or Adidas? I LOVE them both but I shall have to say Adidas as my running shoes which are amazing are Adidas pure boosts.

• Can you curl your tongue? Yes.

• Have you ever cried because you were so happy? Yes.

• The last concert you saw? Kings of Leon

• Can you swim well? I think so yes.

• Can you knit of crochet? No. no idea what that is.

• Are you a dog person or a cat person? I love them both but I think dogs win!

Thanks again for reading.

Much Love J x

Blimey Braces – Finished 

Say what?! Say.. a massive thank you to Alex and all the girls at YouSmile dental care team in Market Rasen.. – (You Smile Dental Care & Fastbraces – Lincoln – Orthodontics, Straight Teeth- Facebook link)

Well well well. It’s happened. The time is up. It’s all done. In under a year too! Crazy how times flies crazy how scared I was and how ‘unbrave’ and ‘unconfident’ I was now… everyone smile with me cause I can’t stop smiling!

And so many people have been asking about my treatment so I thought I would do a little run down. But any more questions please feel free to message me or leave a comment below angels.

So.. ??

Who? – so I went with ‘you smile’ dental care in Market Rasen, Alex the orthodontist there is amazing, kind, caring and a perfectionist!

What? – I had upper and lower fast braces, with filing, polish, scale, removal and fixed retainers all in my deal for an amazing price of £2000.

I also had extra filling treatment not included.

When? – I got my first referral in the September 2016, then October 2016 they were on.. now October 2017 they are off.

Why? – I always had a weird feeling about my teeth there were never awful but very fang like, bumpy and I felt like they need to come out of my gum more (and that is exactly what has happened)

Result? I’m so happy with the way it went. The pain which you can read about in my other blogs was hard but so worth it. I can’t stop smiling today. See many pictures below.

Let me know if you any questions you have..

Much Love J x

Time off from training?

Time Off?

Are you worried your time off from training will affect your gains? Will affect your weight loss. Stop. No. Don’t panic.

So I came across this Instagram page with some great advice! See picture below.

Basically pages such as @sam_xceedfit and @shredbyscience give so much information on how the body, training and food works. I must say I also love @laurentickner for this and her tickners tips and also @caloriecomparing too. Check them out.

But one I wanted to focus on today was taking time off training. When my clients say they are going on holiday and they can’t come training and they won’t be able to train on holiday they panic and I wonder why?

Here are my tips and advice to panic less about having time off from training.

  1. You will not lose all of your ‘gains’ muscle will not just fall off you in a matter of days/weeks.
  2. All your strength will not just disappear! You will not become weak over night.
  3. You won’t have to start from the very beginning when you return. Don’t think ah I have been lifting 10kg. Now I will have to start from 1kg again. No you may have to tamper down slightly to help against getting an injury but only to like 7 or 8kg and once the muscles are aware you are training again you will be up and even above 10kg again.
  4. Time of training can actually be very beneficial. Your muscles and body can rest, grown and any niggles or pain can actually recover and you can get back to training even better.
  5. Most athletes in the fitness world, running and weight lifting; will take a week off every 3/4 months to give their body a full week off to recover. In the running world some athletes can have 4 or 6 weeks off completely to help all those running niggles fade away. It can actually help athletes once they return to training. They can feel stronger physically and mentally.
  6. If it doesn’t work for you physically and you do feel weaker after returning just think of the mental benefits think of how your mind can take a break from planning, preparing and sometimes worrying/stressing about training.
  7. It is important to know the difference between needing rest and being lazy. If you are feeling stressed, sleepy, and your nutrition is not on great form, your emotional and you may just need recuperation and you probably need rest so take it.
  8. Just a note if you are working both on aerobics and weight/resistance training and you take time off from working out, you will see your endurance decrease quickest but you hold on to your strength gains longer. Vo2 and aerobic strength decreases a lot faster so if your worried as a runner you should think of less time off than a weightlifter.
  9. Basically our muscles contain nuclei which is basically muscle memory when you have time off from training and you go back to lifting etc your body remembers it doesn’t just simply forget and after 3-5 sessions back to lifting weights and at the gym you could be lifting the same weight as before.
  10. So to conclude today’s post. Just stop stressing. You will not lose all that you have worked for in a few days or couple of weeks. Keep mindful of what you are doing how you are training and when you are resting. As you can see resting is necessary and so is training so a combination of the two is important for growth and repair.

Thanks again for reading another post.

Much Love J x