Day 48..

💫 👌🏻🤙🏼💕- Day4️⃣8️⃣of #TruthBomb #Deck

➡️So Happy #Wednesday angels!

➡️So another card it is..

➡️See Day 1 of the #TruthBomb cards to see why I have these on my timeline.⤵️

➡️So day 48 is ‘meditate before you activate’ 💛

➡️Which I think this quote has come at the right time..🙏🏻

➡️This quote basically means your self care think, prepare and meditate before you act upon it, so this can mean, have a minute to yourself before you start your day, or meditate in the evening ready for the following day, or on a Sunday ready for the week ahead.. this can relate to whatever you want it too.. for me it’s come at the perfect time…🤸🏼‍♂️

➡️Basically this term for me has been all over at work, super different, super busy, exciting but I’m tired, I’m taking this week to relax, unwind and take it slow, I then have two weeks off work for the #EasterHolidays where I plan to meditate and medicate myself, I plan to focus on myself for two weeks, enjoy my time off doing whatever and relaxing and helping my mind before we jump back in and activate it all again and smash it all over again😍

➡️ When you are in tune with your mind & body you can really take care of yourself from the inside out and achieve more in your ‘activation period’👌🏻

➡️Just take the time to think ‘are you really caring for yourself and putting yourself first, are you thinking, relaxing, meditating?’🥰

➡️At the end of the day you are so important and you need to put yourself first💖

➡️I can’t believe it’s April already time has just flown, 2019 is going so so fast but it’s been a blast already, knowing what I need and what I want is amazing.. I know what matters most and it is a great feeling, I know what I want from my day, my friends, my family makes life beautiful and amazing, next on the list is to take self care seriously 🙏🏻

➡️Hope you all have an amazing Wednesday, spread love today and everyday🙏🏻

➡️I hope everyone is feeling happy, #positive #healthy Much Love J😍 #like #love #quotes #blog #inspire #aspire #fitness #bikinigirl #ukup #britishfinals #bodybuilding #bikini #mentalhealth #power #influencer #motivation #life #youtube #adore #heartcondition #danniellelaporte

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