Busy Bee Health Hack 59..

💖🤗- Busy Bee Health Hack 5️⃣9️⃣💥

➡️Ok angels so a tip that hopefully you are already doing..and if you reading this you probably are!🤸🏼‍♂️

➡️So basically where do you gain your information from? Where do you learn?

What do you read and gain from? Hopefully these posts I do! 🤔

➡️I want YOU to learn more, read more and gain more.. so how?🚨

➡️So you angels follow me and read my tips? BUT who else do you follow? What other #instagramers do you follow to gain knowledge and I don’t mean look at cute pictures, I mean really learn from? Read their captions & think wow I should do that? Not many? well get following them!😲I do my hack posts quite simply; I don’t advertise with amazing pictures, but I add valued content! So follow those who do the same, who share things that you can really learn from you will then read, notice and learn more the more you follow.🤗 My favourites have to be @commandinglife @a.k.nutrition @getbusyfitness

➡️As well as Instagram you have the great world of @youtube where you can learn so much! So who do you subscribe to? People that make an greater impact on your life for the better or not? I have YouTube where I place my hacks and training tips on there, so check it out and subscribe to Jaydyne Overton but use the platform to gain knowledge, it is power don’t use it to waste time away!🤨

➡️You can use so many social platforms for learning but I believe at this moment in time it’s #Instagram and #YouTube that are making the most impact at the moment, so use it, use it wisely. Ask yourself, who do you follow? What do I want to learn and act upon it..💜

➡️Let me know if you do this below, let me know of the people you follow and learn from 😘

Much Love J💓 & thank you for your continued support 🤗 #like #loves #likes #christmas #food #health #pt #fitness #adore #share #tips #tricks #helping #angels #blog #blogger #blogging #uk

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