Lo-Dough #1

Morning angels, so if you guys haven’t seen my recent posts on Lo-dough then you need to check them out.

As I’m now bringing my snacks and recipes and what I do with my lo-dough breads. To give you angels more of an idea of how to use them to!

See below one of my recent posts so you know what I am talking about but today I made a Lo-Dough wrap a ham salad wrap for work.

This came to a total calories of 90 cals !!! 100 including sauce

If this was a normal wheat wrap instead of Lo-Dough it would of least come to 150 without sauce. Meaning you have saved yourself calories!

I enjoyed this wrap I ended up having two but I could as I had been saving calories.

Can’t wait to show you the calories I saved on my pizza in a few posts time!

See picture below of my lunch..

➡️So as you guys know I’m a personal trainer, I’m a nutritionist, I’m into fitness, training & health myself & have previously competed in the bodybuilding industry, taking on strenuous training and extreme diet.. I am so excited!😅

➡️I am now working with Lo-Dough! So for you angels, that don’t know what Lo-Dough is, they are a company who are making amazing dough/bread that it’s extremely healthy!😲

➡️This is why it excites me. I only work with brands I believe in & I agree with. I only want to share with people products I actually enjoy & love. ♥️

➡️Who wants to have pizza, quiche, cakes, kebabs, calzones, and burritos every day? Who wants to have healthy versions? Who wants discount?! We do! 🙋🏼‍♀️

➡️So Lo-Dough. It’s a dough/bread alternative which can be a substitute for so many things in your diet. Lo-Dough state they are ” To create Lo-Dough we’ve developed a unique formulation of fibres and proteins, all of which have been used in food production for many years.”

➡️Now let’s talk about the nutritional value of these babies, this is what really impressed me! Nutritional Information (per piece, 28g) calories- 39, Fat: 0.1g, Carbohydrate: 2.2g, of which sugars: 0g, Fibre: 9.3g, Protein 2.6g, Salt: 0.5g which is pretty incredible🤗

➡️So what can you make?

🥳pizza bases




🥳mug cakes


➡️Check out @lo.dough online and on Instagram.. I will be bringing my own recipes to you VERY soon! 📚

➡️LoDough do not currently supply any supermarkets BUT you can buy online!! & you can get discount offers this way such as my own discount code JAYDYNE10💃🏼

➡️Lo-Dough is gluten-free, dairy free and yeast free. Lo-Dough is vegetarian but not vegan as it contains dried free range egg white powder. Lo-Dough has a six month shelf life but can be frozen if needed🙋🏼‍♀️

➡️Has this caught your interest? Could you make fabulous recipes and add to your diet? (Or takeaway those calories should I say).. 🤗

➡️Remember to use my code to save you those pennies and enjoy your healthy pizza!🍕

Much Love J 💖🤳🏻😘

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