Taste Testing Millie’s Treats Cookies..

Hello angels..

So are we all well?

Are we all subscribed to Jay’s Days?

Have you seen the latest YouTube video on Millie’s treats and trying their cookies!?

If not check that video out. I wasn’t pleased with the content for that video and wish I had got more however I have some pictures here to show you. I also wanted to share the information on these cookies and how you could get your hands on them!

So the baker is online, on Instagram. The page is called @millies_treats, they do cookies, cookies slabs, bloodied and brownies all sent to your door! You can choose your toppings and you send the money over by PayPal it’s so simple and they are delivered within 3 days!

I have ordered many recently and tried many different flavours and I’m impressed with them all.

There response on Instagram is great, and their communication is fabulous. Just go check some of the pictures out I am sure you will be interested after seeing their Instagram but definitely worth a try for that special occasion!

Enjoy the video and speak soon angels.

Much Love J x

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