Happy Valentines Day!

Hello angels!

How are we? Are we spreading the love and happiness?

So today is Valentine’s Day? Who has a Valentine who is showing them how much they love them and care for them?

Personally I think we should do this every day not just on a special occasion but of course as people do they socially show there love by public affection and pictures on social media so mine was – 💘❤️Happy V Day to my man.. now and forever I will always love you and your dreamy eyes that make me all gooey inside.. BORK but seriously I love you more than pick and mix so thanks for being mine hun 🔥❣️- see our picture below.

We don’t really do much for Valentines we don’t really feel the need, we have been together nearly 8 years, we go on date nights all the time, we feel this is an occasion for either the newly together or singles mingling if that makes sense haha so taking someone on a date or maybe showing your affection for the first time.. sending a Valentine’s card as such.

What’s your opinion on Valentines? What are you angels up to?

One thing I would like to say is I found this beautiful quote online today which I want to share, it says about loving yourself before loving anyone else as your with yourself forever and I thought wow I love this I must share – see picture below.

This really stuck with me.. as long as you love who you are and who you are turning out to be there is no problem.

Love yourself for you then find your other half.

Happy Valentines to all

Much Love J x

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