Busy Bee Health Hack 55..

💖🤗- Busy Bee Health Hack 5️⃣5️⃣💥

➡️Ok angels so today’s hack is the start to our new Challenge!🤸🏼‍♂️

➡️Starting from today and one day into March (before we start yet another new challenge) we have the ‘healthy eating challenge’ 🚨

➡️We had the Wellness Challenge & before getting into any fitness challenges or exercise challenges; I will be focusing on mental health and food as I think people need to tackle these more so.. 🧠

➡️So Day 1 being today is ‘cook with your kids’, if you don’t have any children, cook with your friends or cook with your partner 💖

➡️Even if it is a healthy snack, or meal, make sure you both/all contribute, something you like, something that is balanced, and something nutritious 👩‍🍳

➡️By all deciding on what to cook, you will learn what others like, you will learn what you like/enjoy to cook, what your body is craving and what is actually in food! 🥘

➡️By cooking or baking from scratch you learn what is in your food, what vitamins and nutrients your body actually gains 🤔

➡️By cooking with your children or friends, you gain fun and excitement out of making dishes!😋

➡️Let me know if you tried this below, let me know if you plan to give these tips, tricks and this new challenge a go 😘

➡️Lets smash February together🤷🏼‍♀️

Much Love J💓 & thank you for your continued support 🤗 #like #loves #likes #christmas #food #health #pt #fitness #adore #share #tips #tricks #helping #angels #blog #blogger #blogging #uk

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