Today’s Instagram Post..

🍪😍- forever eating.. 🙄🤔 and having @millies_treats and @josh__blue to thank for that..🙏🏻🤸🏼‍♂️

.. 👩🏼

➡️Get yours ordered now.. you won’t regret it.. 😋

➡️Choose your favourite flavours and get them delivered to your door 📦

➡️It is my birthday next week and I plan to get some more of these ordered just in time 🎁

➡️Sorry to those who are on their January diet, but you can eat them and anything in moderation 😉

➡️Any one else have any amazing food recommendations for me? I’m a right foodie and currently loving @millies_treats @doughnotts_official @doughnuttime_uk yes I have a sweet tooth, leave any recommendations below! 📝

➡️Here is to all the adventures, and food adventures that happen this year hehe 😜

➡️Here is to the wonderful weekends 2019 has to bring.. so enjoy your week angels💕

➡️Thank you to 2018 and all those who made it wonderful, here is to 2019!🤗🕺🏼

➡️love you long time angels 👼

➡️Also there is a link in my bio to my YouTube channel where you can subscribe and see my taste test of these cookies coming soon! So get #subscribed and don’t miss out 👩‍🍳 💕#cookie #slab #dough #foodporn #family #grateful #love #like #likes #ukupjunior #biniki #nutella #biscoff #caramac #yum #food #happy #happiness #bikinigirl #fitness #girlsthatlift #weights #running #bicuspidaorticvalve #britishfinals #birthday #vibes

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