Busy Bee Health Hack 54..

💖🤗- Busy Bee Health Hack 5️⃣4️⃣💥

My top tips for starting your health and fitness journey 🤸🏼‍♂️✅

1. Stop comparing. It is your journey only☺️

2. Slip ups, everyone does them and we learn from them🤪

3. It’s a road trip journey there will be stops, there will be bumps, and long roads but you will get there🚗

4. Be patient🙏🏻

5. Start small with change and goals✅

6. Work with others, a coach, a PT, a group, your family, network🗣

7. Prep when it’s comes to food, training and mindset prep your life.. be prepared 🥘

8. Keep things simple. Don’t over think or over analyse👀

9. Keep a daily log, get a book, log it, your training your food, your mindset✍🏻

10. Find peace what the mind can achieve is incredible. Mindset is everything take it and use it🤗

Let me know if they help and any more you think should be added🤷🏼‍♀️

Much Love J💓 & thank you for your continued support 🤗 #like #loves #likes #christmas #food #health #pt #fitness #adore #share #tips #tricks #helping #angels #blog #blogger #blogging #uk

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