Blue Monday..

Hey angels! So today is Blue Monday..

Today is apparently one of the hardest days to get through and let me tell you it’s 8pm and you have nearly done it so well done!

January is a tough month.. I hope you all come out stronger!

So I wanted to do a little post on fighting the blues. This year is going to be a good one so let’s ignore the blues and start again.

Here is my advice and some tips to focus on to avoid repeating the blues, sorry to bring such a dreary post today but I want us to be prepared for the year and tackle the blues head on..

So my top tips for tackling the blues-

• Have something to look forward to. Now after Christmas all the parties and exciting things to do, suddenly stop after New Year’s Eve this can make things going like ‘back to normal’ feel very low. To help this, make sure that you have something to look forward to in January, or February plan an outing, a weekend away, a night out, a birthday plan. Maybe schedule something nice in for every Monday, so that you will have something on to look forward to if you ever feel the Monday blues after the weekend.

• Avoid the debt. Christmas is an expensive time, we spend January in debt.. Try and plan ahead, put money aside before December or put money away just for January that you can’t touch then you have a bit of money for the January blues. This can help next Christmas or now by putting a little away each week to help save for events going on in the year.

• Declutter/Spring Clean do this often, gift up chuck things out each weekend so whether it’s the New Year/New House, or just a spring clean! Avoid buying items that you do not need, avoid clutter, and you can also declutter by getting rid of the items that you do not need or use.

• Have sustainable resolutions throughout the year. If they didn’t survive January no problem make Goals new ones for February. New Year’s resolutions never seem to last, so instead set resolutions throughout the year. Rather than just the new year ones. You can make goals every day it does not need to be the 1st of January. See my new goals post for help with this.

• Get enough sleep and wake up early. Getting enough sleep will ensure you feel well rested after time off. Sleep is so important. Try going to bed earlier even if you wake up a little early it can make going back and the day ahead easier, as then you will not rush or stress.

• Exercise – as we all know exercise is always good for us, it has so many benefits one of them being when we exercise it releases serotonin in the brain which makes us feel happier even when we are low, so exercising is great for blue Monday and everyday.

• See family and friends – family and friends have so much love for you they are kind and actually care how you feel spend your time around them! You will feel better..

• Mindfulness and distraction – Sometimes the best thing to do is try and take your mind off how you are feeling. Of course, this can often easier said than done. Think about what makes your smile, relax and allows you to switch off. As each of us are so different, there is no right way to do this. It could be watching your favourite film, taking up a new hobby, heading out for walk. A More people are enjoying the benefits of mindfulness. A simple 10-minute session can have a huge impact on your overall mood. There are many things online and apps now a day that you can use.

Hope these little things help you get through this month, and the next, here is to a cheerful exciting February, have a good one!

Much Love J x

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