Busy Bee Health Hack 51..

💖🤗- Busy Bee Health Hack 5️⃣1️⃣💥✅

➡️Hello angels ok so most of January will be based on mental health, but head over to my YouTube channel – Jaydyne Overton, for January’s first video on how to start January right!💪🏻

➡️2019 has begun.. we have tackled days up to 16 so WELL DONE it’s nearly done!💥

➡️So lets have a relook at this and talking about Day 16 today!😅

➡️So who started this with me? Who is only just seeing this and starting today?🤩

➡️How are you going to make changes this year?🗓

➡️Most people will think about fitness and diet goals this year which is great and I will do some posts on this time but I wanted to focus on something a little different to start the year and focus on Mental State of mind😎

➡️So day 16 – Go the entire day without complaining!😅

➡️I love this one it’s brilliant and people should do it more often haha😹

➡️Now I love a good moan every now and then so I’m making a conscious effort today not to moan or complain even about the smallest thing!👯‍♀️

➡️Let me know if you get this one done.. How did it make you feel? Are you going to continue?💕

➡️You can do the challenge at the start or the end of the day whatever justo make sure you do it, and make sure you register how it makes you feel and if you want to do more of it to make yourself feel even better ☝🏻

➡️So this is going to be 2️⃣0️⃣ days worth of the #mentalwellness challenge swipe to see picture to see what we take on this month, but this will be on my instagram under my busy bee hacks & on my blog to help you angels start 2019 well!😘

➡️Let me know how you feel and the affects🤷🏼‍♀️

Much Love J 💓 & happy new year my angels, thank you for your continued support 🤗 #like #loves #likes #christmas #food #health #pt #fitness #adore #share #tips #tricks #helping #angels

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