Today’s Instagram Post..

👯‍♀️HEY MAMA.. 😘

➡️Throwing it back to a Christmas Eve picture with my bestie.. 📸🖤

➡️so last Monday I went back to work after a wonderful festive break & even though I love my job, I started reminiscing about Greece, holidays, weekends away, Christmas and New Year, January is a funny old time isn’t it.. 🗓🤪

➡️another term has begun and this one is a countdown to my birthday, so as Christmas and New Year pass and the new year begins, I try to focus on things I have to look forward to, and my birthday is always one of them!🎉🥳

➡️My parents will be away on holiday this year for my birthday so I will be celebrating hard with my friends and a couple of glasses of bubbly🥂👯‍♀️

➡️I just want to thank my family, close friends and boyf for all the amazing times & memories made in 2018, and thank you for being my rocks last year, helping me through the lows, keeping me high, being my shoulder to cry on, my bears to hug 🤗🐻 ➡️as I look at this picture I get all excited for all the adventures to happen this year, the weekends away, the holidays, the lazy days, my best friends wedding & so much more..📷🤳🏻

➡️Thank you to 2018 and all those who made it wonderful, here is to 2019!🤗🕺🏼

➡️love you long time angels 👼💕#greece #mother #throwback #family #grateful #love #like #likes #christmas #newyear #january #dressup #smile #wine #happy #happiness #fam #fitness #girlsthatlift #weights #running #bicuspidaorticvalve #bestfriends

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