My Bicuspid Fundraiser!

Hello angels,

Ok so Facebook asked me what I wanted for my birthday, (which is in 4 weeks time)🥳🎁 and if I wanted to donate to any foundations this year – so I’ve chose this one.. 🥰

Not many people have heard of this condition as I’m a rare species 😉(basically we are ALWAYS tired)😂💤 but I’m now fundraising for the ‘Bicuspid Aortic Foundation’ as one day I may need a lot of its support and help, 💔 as others do, every day🙏🏻

Don’t feel like you need to donate!💰I’m just sharing my story 📚 and journey on Facebook anyway, 🤷🏼‍♀️ but your donation will be appreciated! 🤗

Head over to my Facebook Jaydyne Overton to donate.. ❣️

Happy Saturday 💃🏼

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