Libby Spong Personal Training!

Libby, mmm is one word – incredible!!

These opening hours say till 6pm, wrong! 😂

Libby is with you 24/7.. depending on what you want, and how she caters your personal plan for you – she is with you at all times🙌🏻

Libby creates everything personal to you. No matter who you are, gender, occupation, age, activity level anything your goals come first, your taken care of, your worries she puts to bed💪🏻

Libby has changed me, I’ve learnt so much, grown so much, I’ve done things such as compete in the body building industry when I never thought I would👙

I love seeing a message from Libby as I know anything she has to say is of value to me. And will help me be a better version of me. I have a heart condition and I can be a handful, (a stress head haha) I can be a scary case to take on but Libby did it/does it and I admire her so much!! 💕

I plan to write some blogs in more detail on this as there is not enough space here but just a massive thank you, I feel like I have made a new friend also💃🏼


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