Today’s Instagram Post..

🤪🤷🏼‍♀️- Happy #Wednesday, not a normal #humpday pose today I thought I would mix it up as I was inspired to write this post when chatting to @josh__blue at the weekend.. 🤔👙

➡️We were talking about how weird #competitions actually are, the posing, being on #stage with strangers in such little clothing, and just how it’s all rather WEIRD!😂

➡️So I wanted to give you this natural shot from the UKUP #British Finals.. where I spent some of the afternoon out by the lake in the sun, with my parents @nick.overton.3 & boyf @joeydes just taking pictures & endless amounts of selfies to remember the day 📸☀️

➡️My parents caught many unglamorous #shots of me that day, EG. here is a pic as I start to relax and chill out after a long day, my arm is flying around as I start to get bored, my lats aren’t spread, my quads aren’t tensed, my #booty ‘pop’ pose is not in position, as I’m tired and my eyes are basically closed!🙄 ➡️So yes, posing is weird, competition is weird, being a body building is weird, and being a #bikini girl is, & so are many things in the life!🤷🏼‍♀️

➡️BUT HEY HO I’m weird and SO WHAT IM PROUD🥰

➡️Many #judge you for doing ‘weird’ stuff.. whether your hobby be gaming, painting, rowing, knitting, cycling, eating, cleaning or lifting just go with it.. 💪🏻

➡️Your #YOU and your NOT weird🤩

➡️Happy New Year angels hope your week is great so far, hope your all having a great start to 2019🥳

➡️I’m currently loving #January, after having an amazing #Christmas and #NewYear I’m reflecting hard each day lately, making the most of each moment, & now looking #forward to my #birthday at the start of #February💃🏼

➡️Hope your making the most of each day, #appreciating what you have and loving those around you, happy Wednesday angels.. 💫

➡️Much #Love J🐒💕 #like #love #love #ukupjunior #biniki #happy #happiness #bikinigirl #fitness #weights #bicuspidaorticvalve #britishfinals #support #bodybuildinglife

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