Proud of my ❤️

I’m not going to do an Instagram year story, or a status to conclude my year as it’s been crazy💥

But going through my old stuff last night, my OCD has totally thrown me, every year with being a runner I counted my yearly miles & medals, this year obviously I had to stop running 💔 but that didn’t stop my medals coming in!🥈

So this is what I found –

➡️2014 – 569 miles ran 🤨

➡️2015 – 900 miles ran 🤓

➡️2016 – 1.065 miles ran 😍

➡️2017 – 1,090 miles ran 💃🏼 (20+medals)

➡️2018 – 138.5 miles ran 🙁 BUT 3 body building medals!💪🏻

I’m very proud of my little heart this year, going from knowing something wasn’t right to being diagnosed I’m very proud 💕 thank you to those who have always supported my crazy little head 🤷🏼‍♀️💛

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