Mental Wellness Challenge Day 1..

Hello angels and Happy January 1st!

2019 has begun..

How are you going to make changes this year? Most people will think about fitness and diet goals this year which is great and I will do some posts on this time but I wanted to focus on something a little different to start the year and focus on Mental State of mind.

It’s New Year’s Day, festive gatherings are still happening and gyms are usually closed till the 2nd I thought let’s bring something not relating to diets and physical fitness but let’s focus on our mental well being.

So this is going to be 20 days worth of the mental wellness challenge see picture below to see what we take on this month, but this will be on my instagram under my busy bee hacks and on my blog to help you angels start 2019 well!!

Day 1 we will begin on the 1st of January this is go to bed 1 hour earlier than usual.

Now after your heavy night before I’m sure this will be easier than you think 😉 but try it out, turn of your tele and your phone and get an early night – focus on your sleep this month and see how it makes you feel.

Let me know how you feel and the affects.

Much Love J x

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