Mille’s Treats!

Hey angels!!

Well well well, today I am bringing you a must have Christmas buy or now a must have New Year buy for your Christmas pudding or buffet table!

See images below to tickle your fancy then continue reading!

@millies treats can be found on instagram I have many pictures on my highlights on my Instagram page. I adore these beauties.

So let’s talk a little more..

What is Millie’s treats?

Millie’s Treats is an independent business by a family. They work online mainly on instagram where they take your order and post is out to you within 3 days.

What can you order?

My favourite thing to order is the cookie slab.. but you can order a cookie tray bake, and blondie brownie slab or a chocolate brownie slab or individual huge ass cookies. All personalised as you say what are you favourite things such as I love lotus biscoff, Reeses and Caramac buttons these are always in my cookie slabs.


Around £15-18 depending on what you order.. including postage.

They also do deals if you buy more than one.


I bought these on several occasions, Christmas, family get together and of course my post body building show treat!

I highly recommend these angels and wanted to show you what you can get see some pictures below or check out there instagram for more’

Happy New Year

Much Love J x

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