Busy Bee Health Hack 46..

💖🎄Busy Bee #Health #Hack 4️⃣6️⃣so it’s 3 days till Christmas AH!💃🏼

➡️Many have requested this post but I would just like to point out one thing⤵️🎅🏼

➡️Christmas is such a special time, a time to spend with family, to create magical memories that last for ever, don’t ever let your ‘healthy eating’ or ‘diet’ get in the way of that,as you aren’t guaranteed next year, you are guaranteed tomorrow.. and do you really want to remember Christmas and New Year as that time you missed out on your favourite cake, or pigs in blankets no so don’t!😍🚨

➡️Enjoy this time and think about the little tips that add up to help majorly then smash it all out in the new year, don’t panic, don’t get worked up or get anxiety it’s all normal, enjoy life!😍

➡️So today’s post follows on from my last one – how to stay heathy or as healthy as we can be over the festive period🎄

➡️So lets continue⤵️

➡️Keep moving – keep your daily activities going, keep going for walks, or to the gym and if you don’t already go, go for evening/ day walks with the family etc to help 🏃🏼‍♀️

➡️Have a healthy breakfast, every morning of the holiday and then indulge a little bit later on in the day.. this keeps you full and satisfied👌🏻

➡️Sleep, make sure your getting lots of sleep, not staying up and out late (every night anyway) or having lots of naps or lie ins. Sleep is important!🚨 ➡️Eat early, eat early on in the day to avoid binging eating your main meal in the day rather than at night, most people tend to binge in the evening 🥘

➡️Be mindful, think about the fact you don’t actually need 17 roast potatoes only 7 7️⃣

➡️Wear clothes you feel good in, if you look good, you feel good, you do good, usually leading to wanting to eat good/well💃🏼

➡️Keep in mind how you will feel after… Don’t make yourself ill or sick😚

➡️Don’t rush your food, it is is a pleasure.🤗

➡️Think ahead, plan what you will and won’t have at meal times🕺🏼

➡️Think about #nutrients in each meal what can you get from this?💪🏻

➡️hope you have an amazing Christmas 🎄 ➡️Mmuch Love J 💕 #like #loves #likes #christmas #food #health #pt #fitness #adore #share #tips #tricks #helping #angels

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