Today’s Instagram Pic..

🔮💅🏻- the traditional #christmas nail pic.. I think I’m ready for the celebrations to start..🎄 🍸

➡️Of course I did plan to have traditional, silver, gold and red nails for Christmas but it just didn’t happen as I’m a pink girl through and though, so glitter pink will have to do it..💖

➡️So today is nail day, followed by some Christmas shopping this afternoon then a friends gathering this evening and my BFs gig tonight..💓

➡️So much going on, Christmas is definitely here now.. I’ve now finished work for 2 weeks, and I’m super excited for this weekend and the week ahead💃🏼

➡️Time to value and appreciate, time to enjoy what I have and time enjoy the festive season👼

➡️Remember stay positive and appreciative and enjoy your Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🎉 #love #like #likes #ukupjunior #nails #pink #glitter #pink #Saturday #night #pale #wine #happiness #bikinigirl ##weights #bicuspidaorticvalve #finalist #life

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