Busy Bee Health Hack 46..

💖🎄Busy Bee Health Hack 4️⃣6️⃣so it’s 6 days till Christmas AH!💃🏼🤗

➡️I hope we are all ready and all excited🎅🏼

➡️Many have requested this post but I would just like to point out one thing⤵️🎅🏼

➡️Christmas is such a special time, a time to spend with family, to create magical memories that last for ever, don’t ever let your ‘healthy eating’ or ‘diet’ get in the way of that,as you aren’t guaranteed next year, you are guaranteed tomorrow.. and do you really want to remember Christmas and New Year as that time you missed out on your favourite cake, or pigs in blankets no so don’t!😍🚨

➡️Enjoy this time and think about the little tips that add up to help majorly then smash it all out in the new year, don’t panic, don’t get worked up or get anxiety it’s all normal, enjoy life!😍

➡️So today’s post is about how to stay heathy or as healthy as we can be over the festive period🎄

So let’s begin➡️Top Tips for staying healthier over the festive time⤵️✅

➡️Don’t use every day as a binge day🧐

➡️Choose food wisely think of your nutrients still! (Think Meat = Protein) 🍖

➡️The weeks leading up to Christmas in December be the best you can stick to your diet/regime, and normal routine 💪🏻

➡️Enjoy it, enjoy the main days the most, don’t think about your diet and healthy eating at all on these days, have what you want but don’t binge don’t say no if you do want it, but don’t have fourths if you don’t need them 🥘

➡️The days in between Christmas and new year, be the best you can try not to over indulge when you know you have had enough😃

➡️Drink lots of water – flush toxins out and alcohol out with water daily💦

➡️Load up on veggies and protein over the period you stay fuller for longer with these 🌽

➡️Choose diet options, such as choose light soda and pop to accompany your alcohol or meal, save on those little calories 🥤

➡️Have seconds if you wish but not thirds, or fourths hold yourself accountable😅

➡️Share your food, share your crisps and chocolate 🍫

➡️I will be continuing this post on my next health hack post in a few days time for more ideas and things to note over Christmas🤗 #StayTuned ➡️Much Love and Merry Christmas from J 💓 #tips #help #tricks #strong #love #like #food #life #balance

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