Busy Bee Health Hack 44..

🐝 💓 Busy Bee Health Hack 4️⃣4️⃣😍

😏My first top tips to help you ENJOY the gym 🤩

➡️Make your plan/program for the gym fit your life not vice versus 📆

➡️Set short term goals as well as long term goals 🤓

➡️Workout with a friends 👯‍♀️

➡️Track your workouts and progress 📝

➡️Choose exercises you like and enjoy 💃🏼

➡️Take headphones or add music to your workout 🎧 ➡️Choose exercises that also challenge you 😅 ➡️Set dates and times to go to the gym in your diary/calendar 📆

➡️Workout at the same day / time each week? ⏰ ➡️Push yourself so you feel proud 😍

➡️Monitor weights/miles and smash your personal bests 🏆

➡️Share your goals and fitness journey with others and online 📱

➡️Smile as you train 😏

➡️Have fun busy bee angels, fit that gym in and enjoy it 😘

➡️Much Love J 💖

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