Today’s Instagram Post..

🔮- last night I went OUT OUT when I was meant to stay IN IN.. Oh well. #December I suppose! 🎅🏼 🎄 🍸

➡️On Friday I spent the day at Lincoln hospital I got told more information about my #bicuspidaorticvalve 💓

➡️I got told about the things I need to be aware of, what I need to do, what I need to think about and know I have more tests to come.. ✅

➡️Some of what I got told was positive, some of it not so, BUT always take the positives and embrace them 🤗

➡️As my parents were away this weekend when I really wanted them home I surrounded myself around friends we had a games night planned, a puppy date and a visit to #lincolnchristmasmarket 🎅🏼

➡️Christmas Market with @joeydes was beaut eating too many doughnuts 🍩 from @doughnotts_official was fabulous 😍

➡️Followed by a puppy date for Ella 🐶 followed by food and drinks 🍸

➡️Followed by games night turning into pre-drinks and my friends and I hitting the town 💃🏼

➡️The town where I live isn’t amazing for a night out BUT it is about who you surround yourself with, who you share your time and every with and my angels I adore 💖

➡️I’ve now spent my Sunday with my beautiful Ella and my parents are now home, feeling very grateful for everything and wanting to share a few of my #selfies on the #SundayEve photo shoot snaps by @kiryaaaa did for me before we had some drinkies 🍷

➡️So not only have I had a lovely weekend, I’ve learnt lots about myself and I’m ready for the new week, just 10 working days till the holidays and 16 days till Christmas, I’m now excited for more unexpected nights out, games nights, food, more drinks, more doughnuts and especially more time with my adorable dog, friends and family 🙏🏻

➡️Time to value and appreciate, time to enjoy what I have and time enjoy the festive season🤗

➡️Happy Sunday Angels 👼

➡️Remember stay positive and appreciative and enjoy December 🎉

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