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Hello angels, just coming on here to share a little news, many of you current angels maybe now joined by some new readers as I now write for a local magazine!

I love writing and I love blogging. I can’t say I’m very good nor is my life very exciting but hey ho, sharing real like experiences, tips and helping people with my ramble of words actually helps me.

Last month I was asked to write for a local magazine. I live in Frampton and have all my life, I grew up here, attending playgroup here, attended church here and now contribute to the community of Frampton by being a personal trainer in the small village. When asked to write for the magazine I was at first surprised as everything is very much online and on the web now and I wondered are magazines and newspapers still a thing but clearly they are to some people and this may mean a new audience maybe arriving to read my blogs well with any luck!

So today I will share my first article that has now been printed and will be shared this month. The magazines are being released later this month so please do grab one or look online at

My First Article – Introduction

Hello to the readers this magazine.

I usually call the readers of my blog ‘angels’ so you can join them you can be my ‘Frampton angels’!

So where do I begin!?

I’ve been writing for around 2 or 3 years now, I do it in my spare time, purely because I enjoy it, it’s relaxing, I like sharing and venting just like anyone. I then created a blog online which people read online from all across the world and I have around 2,000 followers online – so clearly some people like reading my rants! I’m joking I actually barely rant, I like to focus on topics that run alongside my job.

I’m a personal trainer and nutritionist. I was previously a runner, racing across the country, till my heart condition got diagnosed and now currently Miss Junior Bikini 2nd place in the Northern Championships and I recently represented England in the British Finals for bikini body building – this all contributes to me and my love for helping people become the best version of themselves, and help YOU/them become fitter, healthier and stronger. I help people of all ages and I have one to one personal trained people from the age of 11 to 75!

So as you can see my topics are usually around health ad fitness and they suit any age and gender. I usually tie my content in with current topics such as Christmas/the winter season or events that have occurred in my life. Things that have happened that I have learnt and are willing to say and share to help others!

Most of my articles are tips, tricks and hacks to help people become the best person they can, so hopefully as I’m now writing for this unique wonderful magazine I can help some of you Frampton angels out!

I post blogs online at if you would like to check that out also.

But I will most definitely sharing most of what is on their with you Frampton angels in the near future!

That’s all for now on me, you shall hear from me next time! Have a wonderful day. From angel Jaydyne. X

Sooo I plan to do lots more now and I’m actually very excited! I have lots in mind for all the seasons throughout the year!

Anyway have a great Friday angels, and see you in the next post!

Much Love J x

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