Today’s Instagram Post..

🤗- smile like you mean it😅 🎶

➡️I remember swinging my hair and acting all sassy at this moment, but actually feeling so nervous and shaking like a leaf, but the smile just beamed out of me naturally..🤗

➡️I remember glancing at my gorgeous family cheering me on in the crowd as I tried to believe in myself🙏🏻

➡️I’m also looking at this picture now thinking who ordered a rack of ribs? Where are my abs in this 😂🙈

➡️So today’s post- start the week with a smile, start your Monday with a smile, start #December smile..😊🎅🏼

➡️another bikini post sorry not sorry 📷

➡️I’m now 8 weeks post first show and 6 weeks post finals, time goes so fast it’s nearly Christmas woohoo CRAZYYYY its actually scary!👙

➡️the past two months have been mental, I have smiled so much, been so proud, met #amazing people, made amazing friends, been super busy, been super scared, BUT I have loved every minute💗

➡️I have shared more of the real me than ever, this past two months, to you guys, my angels and the people around me, I was so scared to share, so scared to be true to myself, scared of the judgement I would get BUT again I’m actually being more true to myself than I ever have, for one and most im portantly I am happy AND to top it of I have so much more support. So thank you! 🙏🏻

➡️this past two months, I have enjoyed ‘normal life’ again, work, blogging, church, investigating more into my heart, training, being with my family, seeing friends, and enjoying ALL the food too!!😋#4lbup ➡️This month is all about celebration, parties, food, drink, Christmas and love, let’s enjoy it!🎁

➡️so happy #Monday angels, have an amazing week and remember to appreciate every little thing we are so #lucky🍀💙

#love #like #likes #ukupjunior #biniki #secondplace #northern #pink #dress #tan #medal #wine #happy #happiness #bikinigirl #fitness #girlsthatlift #weights #bicuspidaorticvalve #finalist #ultimatephysiques #britishfinals #england

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