Christmas Health..

Hello all, so this month, or shall I say months leading up to Christmas with my clients has been all about Christmas and the time off, the amount of food we eat how it lasts from Christmas over the week into the New Year and how can we help it at all!?

Well today I am bringing you a top ten list a list of my favourite ways to staying healthy over the festive period!!

  1. Drink lots of water!! Water and green tea these will flush out all the toxins, clear your system, keep you hydrated and just feeling better all round. Drink before meals and in between. Your likely to be thirsty not hungry for more Christmas food!
  2. Dont deprive yourself, have exactly what you want and what you are craving just dont over do it 5 chocolates rather than 25 your still having them just not bingeing saving yourself so many calories and extra saturated fats your body does not want.
  3. The days around Christmas and New Year be extra mindful, think as those days as a rest for your body so more of a break from alcohol and so many chocolates on these days think about whole foods and the nutrients your body needs to recover from Christmas. Your body, skin, metabolism and mind will thank you then you are already for its again by the time NYE comes round haha!
  4. Think about your alcohol. It makes you very dehydrated, try not to drink everyday, pick lighter coloured drinks like gin, white wine over red the lighter the drink the more calories you save and your hangover is likely to be as heavy hehe!
  5. Share items. Those share bags of crisps and sweets are meant to be shared! Share with family and friends means less are consumed by yourself.
  6. Think about your goals for new year, dont let them put you down, or make you think you cant have certain products just be mindful not to have too much then your on your way in the new year!
  7. Think about what nutrients you are getting from certain foods, what do i get from this protein or saturated fats what am i doing to my body.
  8. Keep a little active Christmas and New year is the perfect time to take a rest and time out from work and the gym and i mean it take that time and rest our bosiss need it, but the odd walk to help digestion iver thefestive period can do wonders.
  9. Always always always enjoy this time of year. Just know what you do and dont want know when you are full and when your being silly.
  10. Enjoy your holidays with familt and friends cherish them and make memories be hapoy and healthy now and inthe new yeat.

Thanks again for reading and please do see my blog online for more posts like this. Have a great Christmas and New Year

Much love Jaydyne x

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