Yes yes yes..

🤨🙌🏻This totally needs to be addressed more!

➡️I plan to do a longer in depth blog post on this soon but we need to talk about the fact lots of people can gain and loose weight through other things than food and that’s why I do my health hacks for busy bees..

➡️this is why I focus on stress levels, on anxiety and depression, on cheaper healthier options due to lack of money, sleep tricks for sleep deprivation, illness awareness and plenty more..

➡️As eating or not eating isn’t always the reason you gain or lose weight there are so many factors in our lives in which we must address and I want to within my busy bee health hacks over on my personal gram @jaydynefituk that is what I plan to do..

➡️there are plenty more to come but please be aware you maybe losing weight or gaining weight to other factors stay tuned

➡️Much Love J at GymChicks 💖 #repost #heart #lungs #quote #strong #thoughts #love #like #likes #food #burger #salad #happiness #diet #life #share #point #loveit #balance #saturday #pt #tips #share

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