Today’s Instagram Post

🤔😅What’s that you said?⤵️

That “I should stop posting bikini, #summer pictures and realise it’s raining, cold and nearly Christmas?!” ❄️ 🎅🏼

➡️OH. OK. FINE. 🌝

➡️If I really have to.. throwback picture today, #throwback to my holiday with @joeydes 5 weeks ago.. 🌞

➡️Staring out off our apartment window at the sea, after eating 6 doughnuts and deciding let’s go for a sunbathe.. ah to be back there with no worries!🍩

➡️Instead I’m at home, working, as it rains, worrying about the next lot of results on my heart tests ☔️ 💔

➡️But I am grateful and I am not moaning, as I have loved this year and every moment whether it be at work, holiday, studying, in hospital, training or chilling I am grateful 😊

➡️I am actually now ready for the Winter and Christmas vibes to get the Christmas decs up, get the songs playing, get the movies on and the family round 🎅🏼

➡️As you may have seen from my food Instagram highlights I have continued to enjoy all the food and now the Christmas food is on its way too yay – I’m currently sitting just at 3lbs above stage weight so I’m ready for more doughnuts, more cookies, the turkey dinner, all the trimmings and puds🍩

➡️I’m ready to be surrounded by my love, friends and family and the festive spirit 💖

➡️I’m ready for #Christmas jumpers, fluffy socks, hot chocolate and movies who else? 🧦

➡️Time to drop the #bikini 👙 and grab the dressing gown 🌚

➡️Time to drop the heels 👠 and grabs the slippers 🤷🏼‍♀️

➡️Christmas is coming 🎉

➡️The Holidays are coming 🎉

➡️It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎉

@kiryaaaa LOLS

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