Cheeky Chest Part 3..

Hello angels,

Little update through my instagram post –

But basically I have bicuspid valve as they already know but they have said my heart rate is now abnormal whether it is related we do not know as of yet we wait for more tests but thank you for everyone’s messages and support.

😱💖- Reflecting on this year as we approach the end of 2018.. Christmas is coming angels!

➡️This is the only time you should ever look back, to see how far you have come!😆

➡️A year ago today I ran the poppy memorial run in my home town it was a very windy, cold, blustery day, the conditions were not great and neither was mine😒

➡️As I think about it I can remember the pain I was in the tears running down my face as I pushed on, the numbness running down my left arm, the chest getting tighter and tighter as I get more and more frustrated😞

➡️Why oh why me😱

➡️I’m am under investigation, I have been since the start of the year having been told several things I’m not only scared but I’m hopeful for the future, staying strong and positive is the answer 🤗

➡️This year has been crazy, a whirlwind of emotions for me in 2018 but lessons learnt, goals achieved and I have grown✅

➡️I’m still here, happy and healthy, my little heart still plodding on.. 😅

➡️I have smashed goals unimaginable and this Christmas instead of saying I’ve completed over 1,000miles worth of running this year I can say I’m Miss Bikini Junior 2nd place of the North and top 8 in UKUP British Finals and I’m ecstatic I’m must be proud and no matter what the future of running, fitness, training or body building holds for me I will be proud of my mental strength and my little heart ❣

Much Love J x

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