Day 25..

👌🏻🤙🏼💕- Day2️⃣5️⃣of #TruthBomb #Deck

➡️So Happy #Sunday angels!

➡️So another card it is..

➡️See Day 1 of the #TruthBomb cards to see why I have these on my timeline.⤵️

➡️So day 25 is ‘What do you want.. that you already have?’💛

➡️So this week I’m back from my holiday in #Greece with @joeydes and it’s been amazing, it’s been so much fun with my best friend, on an adventure for a week it’s certainly something I wanted/want that I have/had..💖

➡️I want a beautiful supportive family, and luckily I already have that❣️

➡️I want a supportive funny gorgeous man, and I’m so lucky to already have him @joeydes 💖

➡️I want to achieve in my goals, and this year I can certainly say I have 💪🏻

➡️I have my gorgeous puppy Ella that I always wanted 🐶

➡️I have my health that I always want..🤗

➡️There are so many things I want that I already have and I feel so lucky to have them 😅

➡️Of course there will always be more I and yourself want and you can aim for those but think of what you already have.. 🤨

➡️So what do you want that you already have? What do you appreciate, what do you think wow I actually have that?🙌🏻

➡️I am feeling so happy, feeling so content, feeling excited and overwhelmed with life right now, finding things that light me up and others around me excites me..💖

➡️I feel so lucky for everything rn #grateful 🙏🏻

➡️I feel like 2018 has taught me some lessons, I have learned a lot and I’m so much better and stronger for it 🙈

➡️Make sure appreciate all what you have, and what you want, appreciate the love and joy in your life make every day special..😍

➡️I’m making this into a weekly thing to help us all feel #GOOD and realise what is important.

➡️I hope everyone is feeling happy, #positive #healthy💃🏼

➡️Much Love J💕

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