Couples Q and A coming to Jay’s Days..

Hey angels..

So while away in Greece, Joe and I planned to do lots of Vlogging, we planned videos, pictures and blogs to do, not a lot of these got done, mainly because we were just enjoying our holiday, having fun and making memories and no amount of ‘content’ should affect/change that so we got what we got. And it will be up soon..

The main one we got done was our relationship q and a. This was done over several days as we visited Rhodes and chilled in our hotel. This is being put into several parts, and part 1 will be out next week!! I am editing this today.

Thank you again for all your questions we had so many and we really enjoyed answering them. We plan to do a lot more videos together in the future. Any videos you would like to see from us please leave comments below..

As you know this year has been very busy for me, with my heart diagnosis and then representing England at a sport I never imagined I can do it’s been a crazy amazing whirlwind but it’s meant YouTube has taken a back seat but not for long!

So much to come, trust me just bare with this busy bee.

Thank you for your support always.

Much Love J x

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