Wednesday’s Post..

🧐🤗 – might be Happy Hump Day 🍑 but have a ab shot instead this Wednesday.. 🙈😂

➡️So the last month has been CRAZY.. from my first show, to the 🇬🇧 British Finals, from York, to Greece 🇬🇷 I’m now back from a beaut holiday with my boo, @joeydes :the tan is fading, the abs are too and it’s time to enjoy some down time⤵️

➡️🎃time to enjoy #Halloween, the fireworks 🎆 the #Christmas 🎅🏼 countdown and the #Winter season, time to put the bikinis 👙 away and reach for the fluffy blankets, put down the cocktails 🍹 and grab the hot cocoa, ☕️ these past few weeks have been mega and I want to thank all you angels for the support that I never expected!💪🏻

➡️Sport, Fitness and Training has always been my life, & sometimes life throws you some situations that you don’t always know how to respond to and that’s ok, for a while, but then get up and boomerang it back, show them who is boss, don’t let the hurdles in the life or the steps get in your way, jump over those hurdles and race up them steps, as your a star 🌟

➡️I don’t want to let my heart ❣ condition stop me over coming any obstacle I put my mind to, and any situation you are in you, you should not let any problem stop you 🙏🏻💪🏻

➡️So on this #humpday #wednesday take from this post it’s not about the abs, my heart or the year I’ve had, it’s that you can overcome any obstacles thrown at you.. life is crazy and so are YOU😭💖

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