British Finals..

🤗🙌🏻Hey all, waking up this morning feel so overwhelmed..😅

➡️Saturday was bloody amazing I represented England at the British Finals!😱🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

➡️What a crazy experience – I didn’t place like last time, but I certainly did not expect to, top 8 in Britain ain’t too bad I suppose 😉

➡️I have my medal to show I competed at such a high standard 🙌🏻and the standard was HIGH, truly amazing to stand up next to such stunning beautiful girls who work their ass’ off! 💪🏻

➡️I did my first show two weeks ago to prove myself and my poorly heart wrong💓 and I didn’t, ever think I would bring medals home, & qualify for finals let alone, stand on stage & work my sass at FINALS😱

➡️So thank you to all those who have supported me, 😅all those new friends I have made,💃🏼all those that believed in me and helped make this happen, time to drink wine,🍫eat lots of food, remove the extra dark tan, enjoy my holiday in Greece(I leave tonight!)&celebrate this year for the accomplishments cause let’s face it 2018 has been pretty crazy🤪😂

➡️Major love to those who have to put up with me this year especially @joeydes @kiryaaaa @nick.overton.3 @j.foleyyyy @libbyspong @izzfizzz @sashfrancis @c8itlin_hill 🙈🙏🏻 Show Day photo again, and VLOG to follow! 😊💓💛 #love #like #likes #ukupjunior #biniki #secondplace #northern #pink #dress #tan #medal #wine #happy #happiness #bikinigirl #fitness #girlsthatlift #weights #running #bicuspidaorticvalve #finalist #ultimatephysiques #britishfinals #england

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