New YouTube Video Up Tonight

Hey angels happy Wednesday, happy hump day hehehe : we are close to the weekend now, and close to my new video coming out, TONIGHT at 5PM, tonight’s video is not an update don’t worry it is a video on my make-up that I pack for the weekends away! Some of you girls have been asking about my make-up and beauty regimes and I will be bringing my entire make up collection, my 2018 favourites, my daily make-up routine, my make-up routines for a night out and lots more, I can’t wait to share but please remember this is not my but tonight’s video is just simply my make-up collection I decided to take away for the weekend I spent in York. So you can see what bits are my favourites at the moment, I talk about brands, colours, and where they are from, I just talk about the price ranges not dead on prices so an questions just comment at the bottom of my video! Let me know of anything else you would like to see! Much Love J x

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