Day 20..

👌🏻🤙🏼💕- Day2️⃣0️⃣of #TruthBomb #Deck

➡️So Happy #Thursday angels!

➡️So another card it is..

➡️See Day 1 of the #TruthBomb cards to see why I have these on my timeline.⤵️

➡️So day 18 is ‘French Kiss Life’💛

➡️Which is a fabulous card to have but then again all the cards are amazing right now, getting the feels for them all, but right now I want to French Kiss Life 😘

➡️I am feeling so happy, feeling so content, feeling excited and overwhelmed💖

➡️Feeling so anxious and feeling so worried most days about different parts of my life to feel so happy about so much right now is bloody fantastic😁

➡️Apart from proud of myself for coming second place in a bikini competition and qualifying for finals.. I am so proud & happy with my support, my gorgeous strong sister, my family around me, my amazing boyfriend, my heart tests are in full flow, my beautiful friends, my home, my goals, my holidays and plans I’m SO lucky, so happy and love life, so french kissing life to the full! 💜

➡️I feel so lucky, grateful & so happy🙏🏻

➡️I feel like 2018 has taught me some lessons, I have learned a lot and I’m so much better and stronger for it and I know what I need & for that matter what I want and what love I want to work for🙌🏻

➡️Make sure appreciate everything you have!😍

➡️I’m making this into a weekly thing to help us all feel #GOOD and realise what is important.

➡️I hope everyone is feeling happy, #positive #healthy 💃🏼

➡️Much Love J 💛 #like #love #fitness #mentalhealth #power #influencer #helping #motivation #life #blog #youtube #adore #heartcondition #danniellelaporte #anxiety

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