Busy Bee Health Hack 33

🤩💗 Busy Bee’s Health Hack 3️⃣3️⃣is Mental Health Awareness ➡️ take care of your mental health⤵️

💖your mental health is just an important as your physical health..

➡️hope you are all well, I just wanted to do a short and sweet post today as it is #mentalhealthawareness as it is something that isn’t talked about but needs to be talked about more 🚨 ➡️I would like to know that my door is always open for anyone who feels like the need to talk to someone, I love helping people & a lot of the time when I am personal training I am being a councillor and listening to people & helping them through things the best I can.

➡️I would like to wish everyone the best #Wednesday possible and to just say you are not alone in this, no one is, it is much more common than people know or understand.. 💛

➡️World Mental Health Day is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.

➡️I think about mental health most days lately not just today or this week, its becoming more apparent in my life for several reasons.

➡️I talk about my mental health through quotes every week over on my Instagram @jaydynefit. I feel like sharing these helps me and others, sharing is caring💕

➡️I don’t talk deeply about mental health I like to use quote from @daniellelaporte

I don’t talk too deeply but I do recommend some pages I follow, to follow who do and have a positive impact😬

➡️Don’t be afraid to speak out, or speak to someone close to you or a professional. So many people, suffer in silence and its ok to not be ok💪🏻

➡️I will leave a list below of those pages, and blogs I recommend have a little look, and happy mental health awareness day!😘⤵️









Enjoy these instagrams and let me know of anymore you love.. Much Love J 🤗💗

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