Busy Bee Health Hack 32..

🤩💗 Busy Bee’s Health Hack 3️⃣2️⃣ is FOOD and switching it up.. WHY⤵️

💖Basically switch it up, trial your foods, trial your diets, change it it and try new things, get carbs, protein and fats from all different foods🧐

➡️Trying new foods keeps your diet varied and stops you getting bored..

➡️Trying different foods can have an affect on your gut, you digestive system, and the way you think and feel about food 🥘

➡️Trying ‘healthier versions/options over the original option to help your diet stay on track more..

➡️Mixing veggie and vegan options into your diet can help your body, maybe with your digestion, skin, bones or muscles.. ➡️Switching food up for ethical reasons I also think is amazing find your substitutions and own it 🤩

➡️Switching up your food can help with allergies and intolerances for example if you always eat pasta but it makes you bloat swap it for rice and see how it tastes and makes you feel😋

➡️Benefits of mixing up your meals – variation, different macros, body likes all foods, you don’t get bored, many different flavours exciting and full filling, you learn to cook well, you have a varied food groups/taste, it pushes you to cook, pushes you to be healthy and help you family do so too.. ➡️Switching up food can be hard when your busy, so doing online research and shopping can help this..

➡️Buy whole ‘clean’ foods will make you want to trial and error everything before you find your faves for example try asparagus then kale, then once you have had these you will want to try the next vegetable – leading to a healthy, happy diet.

➡️So that is just a few so go try something new! 🥘Enjoy all foods angels, Much Love J 💜 #like #likes #love #fitness #health #PT #Nutritionist #Influencer #fitfam #life #blogger #youtube #adore #girls #motivation #blogging #hack #food #coffee #lover #balance #fuel #lindamccartney #vegan #vegetarian

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