Ok so..

😅- OK, long post alert 🚨

Please stick around to read it would mean the world. 🌍

➡️As you can see above, pictures (SWIPE, plus more to come) of something I never dreamed off but wow.. I’m getting emotional writing this post! Ahhh 😍

➡️A few years ago I had my heart started being looked at, being investigated, I could not do what I LOVED doing – RUN. 😅 My doctor told me just do knitting why run? Just stop? Why do you want to run? I replied cause I love it, it makes me excited, it makes me proud, it makes me feel alive. But basically I was told to find new passions, new loves and change my goals. 🥅

➡️Earlier this year as you know I was diagnosed, this broke me in a way, it was definite I couldn’t run, I can’t push my body, I can’t stress, panic and run at the same time my body just gives up. (I knew I shouldn’t be fainting all the time😂) but this meant I had no goals, my focus had to change I felt lost, and a little nervous, I’m an active, structured, disciplined individual and I love it that way. 🙈

➡️With being a PT and turning to weights instead of running I spent the year putting on weight, to build muscle and some shoulders!! and wiggling fat off and now I’m here today crying, because I was determined to prove my heart, my doctor, myself and others wrong👊🏻

➡️So my goal? It was to stand on stage, it was to build that muscle, lift weights, train hard, it was to stand on stage and be proud of me and my little damaged heart, I wanted to just get up there, goal would be achieved.💪🏻

➡️Yesterday at UKUP, I got up on stage goal achieved ✅ I brought the sassiest me ✅ I expected nothing, I wanted to enjoy the day, the show and appreciate myself and others SO my goal was well and truly smashed I got moved to the middle in my mandatory poses, then came 2nd and got an invite to the British Finals still deciding at the moment what to do?! Comment below what you think I should do!?😱🥈 #JuniorBikini

➡️I suppose now I could say I’m a bikini girl, lol I’m a bikini competitor 🤔 haha but I love running I will run again if that be post surgery so be it, but I will run again..

➡️I did keep this secret purely because I know I’m crazy, I know I should be careful with my heart, I worry what people think TOO much when I need to focus on myself what I do and how hard my little heart works💖

➡️I’m going to take in this moment and what I have achieved before I think about anything else.. I’m going to demolish my doughnuts as you know I love them, eat my pic n mix, tell all my family and be proud of me💪🏻

➡️But I will have more pictures from show day to show you this coming week cause it was a blast and I’ve made so many new friends💖

➡️To my ROCKS – my parents, my sister, my boyfriend, my grandparents & to my very best friends I hope you are proud of me and don’t think I’m a weird human I can’t wait to see your faces!🥈😭💃🏼

Just a shoutout to my main angels who help make this happen and support my crazy ass Joe Desmond Jo-anne Reynolds Overton Nick Overton Kirya Overton Libby Spong Jordan Foley Vic Reynolds Eileen Overton Peter Halford Cheryl Overton Michael Overton


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