Busy Bee Health Hack 31

🤔🤷🏼‍♀️- Busy Bee Health Hack 3️⃣1️⃣are you getting enough sleep? 😅 💤

➡️So I Know I have done a post on the importantance of sleep before and how it helps and affects your body but I wanted to make it clear on how the lack of sleep affects your body

➡️a little amount of sleep or a nap will not be enough, make sure your getting a good amount for what you need and yes everyone is different

🤦🏼‍♀️so if you don’t get enough sleep you can ⤵️

➡️get ill

➡️become likely to get an injury

➡️be more sensitive to pain

➡️you can get brain fog and forget things

➡️mood swings

➡️skin gets breakouts

➡️no energy levels making your more lazy and less active

➡️sleep helps control weight gain, and hunger levels

➡️hormones can become out of balance

➡️brain activity is compromised

➡️cortisol levels increase

➡️affects the digestive system

➡️you can become more stress

➡️can increase blood pressure

➡️muscles can’t grow and repair the same

➡️many of these affects above make you make bad exercise and bad food choices, it can make you become lazier, crave carbs and calories over all.

➡️sleep can affect your day to day life so make sure your getting enough – don’t feel guilty for an early night or a lay in, it’s actually so necessary! Much Love J 💗😘

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