What’s the plan? #JaysDays

Afternoon angels, Happy Monday!

Hope you have had a great start to this week, lets smash it! Today I bring news about my YouTube.

Now usually my videos go LIVE on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm but now you will only get a Jay’s Days video at 5pm on a Wednesday. This is only for a short time – probably only a month at max.

At the moment I am super busy with my jobs, my health and my family it is all very hectic at the moment and my focus is elsewhere.

My series’ will continue they do not plan to change as of yet so you can expect lots of information from those to come.

I plan to use my free time to make more videos as always of course BUT I want to focus on the content itself, making good, inspiring videos, helpful videos.

I am always working on content that is valuable and full of information but I now want to make them exciting and interesting videos, I have challenges and visitors to my channel to come!

By reducing the amount of videos a week, means I am not gone altogether and you can still get a video a week, and by planning this in for a Wednesday means it the same day and same time each week which is always good for remembering.

Hope you guys understand and still support me, I hope to bring you better videos each and every time.

I will also continue to do my blogs, and my Instagram posts to help you all..

I will be doing a Q and A over on my Instagram this week and some polls on what to bring to my YouTube so head over to my Instagram @jaydynefit so you can be a part of this (coming this week).

Thanks again angels for your support,

Much Love J x

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