Why I Blog/VLOG..

Hey angels, today I’m giving you the low down on why I started blogging and VLOGGING and why I do.

– why I started, I started blogging in 2014. I started as I want to write, I want to talk I wanted to express my feelings and I had no one to tell. In 2014 I went through a weird stage of my life.

Not knowing what I really wanted work wise, changing jobs, studying more and quitting a course. It was up and down fun and sad it was a weird one but I used blogging a a way to relax and destress I could type away as if I were talking to a friend and I would be able to get it all out and that was great. I grew a real love for it.

– the positives : I express myself, I share a lot I find other blogs amazing, I meet fellow bloggers I meet new people and learn new things. I actually learn more about myself. It keeps me busy, occupied and engaged with topics.

– the negatives : you can be led into false pretences, false stories and false mean people who also blog, but also lie to gain followers or bring you down.

– why I continue to do it : I continue it at the moment because I love it. I would love to do it full time and forever but at the moment that is not going to happen. We shall see I’ve start up my YouTube this year I started that in January 2018 to run alongside my blog so we will see. Wish me luck! I enjoy doing both so we shall see.

– what I hope for the future : I would love to blog and Vlog full time, I would love to work part time in one or the other of my business and have more time for social media work and maybe become a social media influencer as I love it, the people I meet and the things I realise and learn. There is so much that is beyond this small town. I hope my blog and my channel gets bigger for the better and I hope I help and inspire on my blog and YouTube that is the main aim and to help as many as possible!

Thank you for reading my short blog on this topic today.. and for those that have always supported me in this! Love you guys!!

Much Love J x

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