Ella Bella

Puppy love.. or shall we say I’m in love..

Today’s post is very different I just fancied writing about something that makes me happy this Sunday so let’s talk about Ella.

Say hello to Ella!

Many of you may have seen me upload pictures of her, she did have her own Instagram till someone reported it stupidly reporting she wasn’t old enough – sorry she is clearly a dog. But whatever you can see her on my instagram jaydynefit and on my YouTube channel Jay’s Days.

So my dad actually bought Ella back in October last year but she was officially a Christmas present.

She will be 2 this coming October. We didn’t have her in our house until we moved house which was January.

So now we have Ella all day everyday by our sides. She is my baby for sure.

My dad is actually allergic to dogs, so I have to thank him very much for this, me and my sister have always wanted a dog and our dreams have come true.

When we moved house Ella was able to live in the our side, our house, with myself, Kirya and Joe, (my sister and boyfriend) it is super exciting, we all love it and it gives us more practice for having more dogs and babies.

I’m actually unsure on Ella’s breed but she is so beautiful I really don’t care. She is so obedient and attentive. She can do sit, lay, paw and ‘other paw’ haha. And now high five!

She loves gammon and bacon A LOT! And I adore her snuggles. She sleeps all through the night and runs in a little circle or digs at the floor when she needs the toilet. She is a dream dog!

She has become very bossy and likes her own way. She knows each individual for something different and knows dad is the team leader.

Dad – walkies

Mum- food

Kirya – cuddles

Jaydyne – cuddles and sleeping time

Joe – play time

Each person in the house has a role and don’t we know it.

Ella has pink everything, she is a girl and she has a pink cage, pink bed and pink toys, Mum has now bought her a blue Christmas jumper though which she adores!

We believe Ella came from a rough past, she is very scared of other dogs, people, noises and fast movements. She flinches a lot and we have to comfort her a lot. She has been from home to home and now it’s nice to think she has found her forever home.

So welcome home Ella, here is to your happiness. We love you so very much.

Do you have dogs?

What do they eat? Enjoy?

Where do you walk them?

Send me a picture!

Hope some of you can come and meet Ella very soon.. for now check my Instagram and Youtube for Ella’s a Adventures.

Much Love J x

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