New Series – to change it up!

💃🏼🌸 – Hey angels and happy Saturday! 💫for those that didn’t see my last post on my change in series on here and #YOUTUBE⤵️⤵️

➡️As you may be aware I have a series called #BusyBee #HealthHacks those busy people!💪🏻

➡️I love doing these and they originally are on Instagram and then converted into videos for YouTube 🎥

➡️ I have decided to end the Busy Bee Health Hacks on #YouTube at number 10.

➡️You can find these all on my YouTube – Jaydyne Overton and Jay’s Days or on my instagram at @jaydynefit😘

➡️I will be continuing these Busy Bee Health Hacks on my instagram for now, for those who are interested but I felt like I wanted to start a new series over on my YouTube something different to health hacks, more workouts and food related but more hands on what I do rather than facts etc 👏🏻

➡️So I have created a new series called⤵️

💜Tips and Tricks Workouts

➡️And I will also be doing⤵️

💜Tips and Tricks Food

➡️Where I can help you angels with your #workouts, #fitness, #food and #dailylife through videos.🎥

➡️Some videos will be tutorials, #information videos, some will he #workouts that I #show and teach, some maybe my food choices and my #cooking videos!👌🏻

➡️Stay tuned & #subscribe so you don’t #miss out! 💕

➡️Also thank you for all the lovely messages and support for Jay’s Days and my channel means so much😍 Much Love J 💕 #like #likes #love #fitness #health #PT #Nutritionist #Influencer #fitfam #life #blogger #youtube #adore #girls #motivation #blogging #hack

7 thoughts on “New Series – to change it up!

      1. I sure do. I love all types of music apart from like classical and heavy heavy rock stuff. I like indie pop rock bands, chart music and girl power music!! Haha


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