Losing Someone..

Hello angels,

Today’s blog post is unexpected I didn’t know I wanted to write this till this week.

I wrote a similar post some time ago and thought maybe a similar thing needed sharing again to help remind us when is comes to losing someone we are not alone and it can be so very hard, we all deal with loss in different ways, so today’s topic is quite sad and can be upsetting for many of us, but it is part of life and I want to help those struggling with maybe losing someone or who has lost someone recently.

I’m no expert at this, I’m not qualified in helping grief or depression and sadness along these lines but a few tips to help you in those days, weeks and grief after losing a loved one.

Let’s remember everyone is different and everyone deals with loss differently.

1. Find your support – be surrounded by those who loved the person you have lost also, they will understand and feel your pain. Find the family and friends who can support you, understand you and give you time.

2. Time – the first one leads onto my next point this will take time, days, weeks, months maybe years, it won’t go over night, don’t expect it too. But time is a healer and just give yourself time.

3. Take some time away from work and normal life or sticks to routine, some people deal with things very differently and we should always remember this, sometimes it’s good to take a few days out of work or daily life and routine and take a break, some people prefer to stay active, busy and take their mind of things.

4. Sleep, eat and stay well, don’t run yourself down. You need to stay the strongest and healthiest you can for yourself and your family/ friends they need you too. You are there for each other.

5. Create a plan, a proactive plan of what you will do about everything with regards to that person and the future, once a plan is in place you can dealing with grieving rather than stressing and organising this.

6. Cry. You need to let this out. Cuddle. Hug those around you.

7. Talk about it, don’t isolate yourself. Talk when you are ready of course but talking can help you think, remember and move on.

8. Accept your feelings, express when you are ready. People experience all kinds of emotions after it is normal and everyone is different and that is fine.

9. Look out for your family and friends. Keep busy looking after them and caring about others as well as yourself.

10. Reach out and help others dealing with the loss. Share stories – talking and understanding each other can help you with your process. Write down emotions or write songs/poems to share with others. Or like myself write blog posts to help yourself vent and others understand/agree.

11. Find creative outlets, whether it be art, the gym, your music, keep busy, keep occupied and do what you love, to express your emotions.

12. Remember and celebrate the lives of your loved ones. Do what they would have done, what they would have wanted you to have done and celebrate them.

Hope this helps a few of you. Stay strong always.

Remember to see someone if you need professional help with this, I am no expert.

Much Love J x

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