Lulu – from Albelda to Grainger..

👸🏼👸🏻- my best friend gets married TOMORROW! ⤵️

💕I was planning on putting up this picture tomorrow but I know we will be rather busy getting ready for the big day👏🏻

💕I was also planning on drowning this post in old pictures of us years ago, on tour, at sleepovers and old embarrassing shots but I decided not this time😂

💕Thank you for asking me to be bridesmaid, hope I do the job well..

💕Thank you for 6 years of beautiful friendship😘

💕Thank you for being around at my super high’s and my super low’s! 👯‍♂️

💕Thank you for being as crazy (if not more) than I, and thank you for those extra laughs and cuddles when needed🙋🏼‍♀️

💕Your one of the most understanding and considerate people I’ve ever come across, just know like you have been for me I will always be here for you💜

💕Your such a beautiful little human you deserve a life long time of happiness and I think @mitch_grainger13 will certainly help with that.. 😅

💕Here is to your special day and your future together now let’s go get you married 👰🏼

💕Love you lots @lulu_albelda never forget it 💜

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